Why Temperature Control Vaping Is Great For Beginners

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Vapings rise in popularity and its success in overtaking the tobacco market rests in part on the versatility and range of devices on the market. Everyone can vape their own way, find their favourite juices or even mix their own. It is this freedom that has built the community on which vaping has grown. One of the main reasons for this is in the versatility of functions in vape devices. This includes temperature control.


What is temperature control

Temperature control is one of the many functions of vape devices. Once you get to the vape pen mid-level range, you’ll find that many modern variations are kitted with this unique function. In essence, temperature control settings control how hot or cool your vape hit is, adjusting the power settings to accommodate for your preferred settings. The hotter or cooler your vape is, the more of a throat hit you will get, as well as an effect on the taste of your inhale.


How temperature control works

Temperature control works through a regulating of the coil temperature within your device. The coil is regulated with a chip which measures its temperature. The vaper can set their maximum temperature through a display on their device, and this will affect the wattage and battery power. The battery will only pump enough energy into the device to heat the coil to that set temperature, making sure that you have a consistent vaping experience which doesn’t drop or rise from your preferred temperature. Whatever the UK E liquid you are using is, the vapour you inhale will stay at the temperature which you have set for it.

Why is temperature control useful for first time vapers?

First off, these devices are far more efficient and cost effective than the usual go to for first timers, the cigalike. These disposable devices are often high in nicotine and wasteful in cartridges and vape juice. The temperature control vape pen is a lot less intimidating than the buttons and displays would first make it seem. With a simple scale you can flick through, you can set your desired temperature with next to no hassle at all.

Efficient e liquid use

The amount of e liquid used through temperature control is regulated through the temperature you have set. This means that there is far less of a chance of e liquid wastage through fluctuating coil temperatures, and far less of a chance of your coil degrading or cooking your e liquid, which can cause unwanted spit back.

Better battery life

Batteries last a lot longer with temperature control settings. This is again due to the battery being set to a certain temperature and being left to perform at that temperature it will not have to strain as hard. This will ensure you are kept from charging too often, giving you more vaping times at a consistent setting.

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