Which Vaporiser Is Right for You?

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Vaporisers come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Below are just some of the devices and why you might use them.

From sub ohms to cigalikes, those who are new to vaping may have difficulty getting to grips with the who’s who of the vape device world. Technology in the vaping sector is advancing rapidly, and unless you have a constant stream of updates on the industry then there’s a good chance you’ll miss a few tricks. With the vape wave steadily splashing the whole world over, it can be rather daunting for those new to vaping to find the device which is right for them. Whether your browsing the UK vapor shops or shopping online, there are an overwhelming amount of options.

Choosing your e juice

Whilst the device you use is important, knowing the vape juice which suits you will give you a better understanding of what you’ll need from your device.

For instance, your propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratio will hold much weight on the sort of device you go for. With these two base compounds balancing the vape juice thickness with the intensity of the flavour and throat hit, you need to make sure your device caters to your needs.

It is also a good idea to consider your nicotine needs. Most vapers will have varying tolerances to nicotine, and so should choose the device which gives the best hit for your perfect concentration.

Types of vape device

There are countless vape devices out there to choose from. From the smok stick V8 UK to your 10 Steps disposable cigalike, there are a range of devices which have their own unique character and allow for your own personal touches. Finding the right one for you is not only a case of functionality and practicality, but also trying and testing to find the e cig which matches your unique personality and tastes.


Cigalikes are the first-time vapers first step into the industry. If you’re looking for a high nicotine content disposable device which gives you the most tobacco-like experience, then the cigalike is for you. These devices are often simple in design and are either disposable or rechargeable. With little space for modification they are often designed to look like cigarettes, all the way down to an end that lights up when you inhale! These devices are limited flavour wise as they often come in only menthol or tobacco flavours. These devices come with a cartridge which you screw or click onto the end. Once these are finished, there are no refills, you simply throw them away.

Vape pen

Vape pens are the next step up from the cigalike. Still streamlined in shape, these come with a max 2 ml tank which you refill with vape juice. These devices are often great for those looking for a light weight and slightly more powerful vape device than the cigalike. These devices also come with temperature controls which you can experiment with to find the perfect vape hit for you.

Sub ohm Mod

Sub Ohm Mods are a type of vape mod which allow you to vape at lower resistances. These devices are perfect for the vaper who wants a low nicotine hit with a large vape cloud. This vape device uses up a lot of vape juice but gives you more satisfaction per hit. These devices often have variable wattage and voltage components, as well as replaceable coils, atomisers and wicking cotton, making them perfect for the veteran vaper who is looking for thick vape clouds.

Pod Mod

A pod mod is a higher powered vape device which uses cartridges instead of a tank. These cartridges come with a wider range of flavours than the cigalike, branching out into simple fruit and sweet flavours. What’s more, the pod mod has high nicotine and PG contents as well as having optional specialised nicsalt infused vape juices. The best thing about these devices is that they are still lightweight and incredibly portable and deliver a higher powered vape hit than the cigalike.

Desktop vaporiser

These hefty devices are big on vape clouds but low on transportability. If you need a desk-side relaxer and like a touch of cloud chasing, then the desktop device is perfect for you.


These devices shed the tank for a higher quality vape hit. The dripper has you drip vape juice straight onto the atomiser, ensuring that no taste is lost. These devices are more lightweight and transportable but will need you to drip every 10 to 20 vape puffs.


Rebuildable Tank Atomisers, or RTA’S, are perfect for the hardened vaper who likes to chop and change the components of their device. These flexible devices come with a tank and replaceable coils, atomisers and wicking cotton, often alongside a number of variable control options for wattage, voltage or temperature.

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