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What’s In An e-Cig?

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E-cigs are often seen as complex machines by outsiders. With so many different models, builds, aesthetic styles and flavours, it can be difficult to truly understand what goes into one. As technology in the industry advances, more and more vape shops are coming out with designs boasting the latest innovations. It’s hard to get your head around, atomizers, clearomisers, coils, wicking, all these new-fangled terms have only just begun to crop up in the past decade and may leave many none vapers bamboozled. For those looking for an introduction to the different parts of a vape, then look no further than this article.


Mouth Piece

The mouth piece, or drip tip of a vape is the part that touches your lips and lets you inhale the vape liquid from. These can come in a wide range of different shapes sizes and materials including steel, plastic and ceramics. Whatever drip tip you choose, they are down to personal preference. Plastic ones are thought to retain chemicals and decompose over time, meaning that you lose some fo the taste as you keep on vaping, whilst glass drip tips are thought to be the purest in taste.


E juice cartridge

Also known as the tank, this is where the ejuice is stored inside your vape. These tanks can come in sizes anywhere up to 2 ml but refill cartridges can be bought anywhere up to 20 ml. Again the size varies depending on the size of your vape, whilst the laws have recently changed so that the maximum tank size is now set.



The clearomiser, sometimes called the atomiser is the part of the e-cigarette which heats up and vaporises the ejuiceIt is this process, through electronic conduction and variable by the workings of Ohms Law which allows for the electricity to run through into the coil. Another version of the atomiser is the clearomiser. These are completely transparent and allow you to gage how much e-juice you have in your tank. Whatever your preference, when it comes down to it both are variations of the same piece of vape equipment.



The coil is what connects the atomiser to the vapes battery. This short piece of wire usually twisted so as to save space, acts as the conductor and again can come in a variety of shapes. One of the main variations on the coil is that you can get a double version. This means two pieces of wire which connect to the battery and therefore give double the charge and double the vape juice being used. This makes vape hits more intense and more satisfying for some.


Some vapes run on more than one battery, but one constant is certain. The battery is the heart of the vape. Without the charge given by the battery, or batteries, you would have no way of heating your vape juice into a vapour. Depending on the size of your vape, different sized batteries can be used. On top of this, most of these battery packs are rechargeable via plug sockets and USB charger kits.

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