What’s all the fuss about e-cigarettes?

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E-cigarettes are a must for anyone who wants to cull their smoking habit. For those new to the hobby here’s what you need to know to get started.

Vaping is easier than you might think to get into. With cheap vape e liquids bringing a wide range of choice for ex-smokers, those who want to swap the tobacco for the vape juice have their work cut out for them with the ease of the transition. There’s plenty you’ll need to learn when you first start vaping, whether that be how to build a device or the different parts within it. Here are some of the starting points you can use to help ease you into the transition.

What is in an e cigarette?

E cigarettes are made from several components and knowing where to start when it comes to its very makeup is key if you are investing in a device which needs to have parts replaced every now and again.

Atomiser and coil

The basic set up is an electrical circuit, connected to a battery and a coil. The battery connects to the coil, a piece of copper wire which, through electricity, heats up the atomiser head and by proxy the vape juice. The atomiser head is surrounded by cotton, or wick, which has saturated vape e juice on it, which is then heated up by the vape juice.

Tank and mouthpiece

The tank is where the vape juice is kept. Many vape devices require you to siphon vape juice from your vape pack and into your device. Some others require you to drip vape juice directly onto your vape devices wick, making it quick and easy to vape and go. Other vape devices have disposable vape “pods” which mean that they are thrown away or recycled once they’ve been used. The mouthpiece is the piece of the vape device from which you inhale the vapour. These can be made from a range of materials and often have controls for how tight or loose your inhale is.

Nicotine strengths

One thing that those who are new to vaping will have to keep in mind is how much nicotine they need in their vape e liquid to be as satisfied as they were from their smoking days. Nicotine strengths come in 18, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6 and 3 mg meaning that you have plenty to choose from when it comes to finding the right nicotine strength in your vape juice. If you don’t want to take nicotine into your system, then you can find many vape juices which have no nicotine content. For your perfect vape juice nicotine content, reflect on how much you used to smoke. The less you smoked, the less nicotine you’ll need in your vape juice to satisfy you. those under five cigarettes a day, will usually be happy with the low 3 mg nicotine content.

PG/VG ratios

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are two of the ingredients in vape juice which come together to create the taste and thickness of the vapour you inhale. The higher the VG content, the less potent the taste and the thicker the vape juice. Most vape juices go for higher VG ratios because they are cooler on the inhale, and for the fact that many vapers happen to also be cloud chasers!

What type of device should you buy?

Finding the right vape device is difficult if your new. Where to start? Most new vapers start with a vape pen due to their ease of use, before moving on to one of the many mods out there. Those who have been vaping for longer may want to move on to the unregulated mod subculture, giving you more flexibility in the devices you use.

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