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What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking?

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Over the last few decades, smoking has been the topic of many studies and research papers across the world. Since it came to light decades ago that smoking can lead to countless diseases and unhealthy side effects, people have been trying to curb the trend by finding alternatives and smoking cessation tools which could truly help people to give up the unhealthy habit. So what options are there out there and where do e-cigarettes come in to the mix? With so many options out there for quitting smoking, is vape the most effective?

Nicotine patches

Nicotine patches are a patch which si stuck on the kin and uses a transdermal process wherein nicotine is absorbed into the skin through the patch. This can quash the craving and is well known in the world of nicotine replacement therapy. First researched in 1984, a study was undertaken in which tobacco smoking patients were treated with nicotine patches to lessen their cravings for cigarettes. The clinical trials showed that the success rates were two times that of any placebo treatment. The process garnered positive results and so the process was taken up and bought by pharmaceutical companies, after the nicotine patch was finally patented in 1988. One criticism of nicotine patches was that the patches with up to 173 mg of nicotine in them were found to contain cancer causing agents such as tobacco specific nitrosamines, meaning that there were still worries about unhealthy side effects in patches.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is exactly what it says on the tin, well the packet. The gum is chewed like regular chewing gum with the intention of delivering nicotine into the body. The process occurs when the nicotine in the gum is absorbed into the bloodstream through the tissues in the mouth, making it an instant hit of nicotine which can quash that itch for a cigarette. Available in shops and pharmacies across the world, nicotine gum is accessible to all and is available in a range of different strengths. The problem with nicotine gum is that it doesn’t resemble cigarettes or the smoking of tobacco, meaning that the psychological habit of smoking something which is in your hand is not quelled. This can mean that despite the nicotine hit, it doesn’t completely hit the mark and on top of gum being more expensive per packet than smoking, you’ll find yourself out of pocket, more so than before.


Hypnotheray has helped me to outright give up smoking due to its use of trance like states to break behavioural patterns which have been associated with smoking. It is often thought that the psychological grip of smoking is larger than the actual physical addiction and so to break that cycle will help you feel less dependent on it and change your perspectives on smoking. The one problem with hypnosis for smoking cessation is that the subject must make sure that they are quitting for themselves and not for someone else as this seems to be when it is most effective. The process, although effective in those who are susceptible to hypnotism, doesn’t work on everybody due to it being a psychological process which some may find more difficult to tap into.

What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking? - vape e liquid


Vaping has long been a device used mostly by ex-smokers. Due to the fact that it’s 95% less dangerous than smoking tobacco and due to its likeness to smoking, it has both itched that nicotine craving and helped with the psychological habits associated with smoking. With so much choices of vape e liquid and a social element surrounding the hobby, there are countless reasons why vaping I the simplest and most effective smoking cessation device.

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