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What is Driving More People To Vaping?

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Vaping is snowballing, and there are some legitimate reasons why.

Over the last decade vaping has soared in popularity. It’s decreased health benefits and wide variety of flavours means that even monolith tobacco companies like Phillip Morris are rethinking their position on smoking. The added flexibility of vaping, the DIY element and the general culture which has grown around it, in which people can discuss their favourite vape juice and devices has made it a far more social past time than smoking whilst also adding a burst of flavour to vapers lives. With very little risks to health and a whole range of other benefits, it’s no wonder that 2.9 million people vape in Britain alone.

What are the decreased health risks

Vaping has been medically proven to decrease the health risks associated with smoking. Whilst many vape as a hobby, it has in fact saved the lives of many heavy smokers, who would have smoked their way to an early grave if they had continued the unhealthy habit. The reason for vaping being such a powerful smoking cessation tool is due to its use of nicotine, to itch that craving but its ejecting many of the harmful chemicals that come alongside smoking. Due to the burning of tobacco, many carcinogens and harmful chemicals are breathed into the body but with vaping being purely heated up water vapour rather than smoke, many of these chemicals are not ingested. It has also been scientifically proven that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

A social activity

Have you ever been in a Vape Shop? One of the best things about them, much like Shisha bars, is the social element which comes with them. Tables set up at the shop counter with stools, allows vapers to try different flavours and devices, discuss vaping and chat with each other. Because some businesses are now allowing vaping indoors and the worries of passive smoking are quelled with water vapour which gives off none of the same harmful second-hand smoke, vapers can rest easy in the knowledge that they are not harming anybody by vaping near them. With more and more vaping competitions popping up across the world, there are more and more opportunities to test your cloud blowing skills and meet other enthusiasts. Vape reviews are also becoming ever more popular on YouTube whilst discussion forums and blogs are also kicking off across the internet.

Fun flavours

Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy the savoury flavours more, vaping has opened many doors for flavour experimentation. Let’s face it, tobacco only ever really had one flavour, and it was arguably didn’t taste great. The range of flavours jumps from dessert flavours such as banoffee pie to flavours as unique as pizza flavour. These tastes can also come in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratios which vary from product to product. Some are better for a more intense taste whilst otherse are suited more to the cloud chasers among us. What’s more, the customer has maximum flexibility over the nicotine content in what they deem their best vape juice. Whatever your tastes, there will be a vape flavour for you.

The joys of DIY

One element of vaping which proves satisfying stems from the DIY community of vape enthusiasts who are creating their own “mods”. The DIY community means that vapers have even more of an excuse to socialise and use their creativity and imagination to mod out and find new ways of vaping. This culture has led to new innovations in the industry and has paved the way for the vape trade to remain one of the most progressive industries in the world. There’s a lot more to learn and do with the still young vape industry, and you can be part of the adventure.

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