What are cartomisers and atomisers?

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There is an abundance of tech which go hand in hand with vape devices. Here is what you need to know about atomisers and cartomisers.

Those who are new to vape may not be aware of the wide array of parts that go into a vape device. The truth of the matter is that vapes are made of a complex system of items, all working in tandem to create a complex system of heat not burn devices. This means that for those who like to buy rebuildable decks or are looking into it, there’s a whole host of new tech you’ll have to get your head around which you simply wouldn’t know about if used to the standard vape pen or cigalike models of vape devices. Instead of bombarding you with a range of new terms, we thought that we’d introduce you to two different parts of the rebuildable deck. That is the atomiser and the cartomiser.


In the broadest sense, an atomiser is defined as a device which creates a mist out of a liquid. This has then become a way to describe the system inside an everyday vape device. This incorporates a coil, the connecting wire between the battery and the atomiser head, which itself is the heating element of the vape device. This means that there is a full system inside a standard vape device which makes sure that the liquid inside the e juice is completely vaporised. These atomisers come in a range of shapes and sizes and materials. This ranges from double coils, kanthal wire and, increasingly so, are disposable, giving you the chance to make the device as you wish. The term is used fairly broadly in vape speak, ranging from defining the singular coil itself, to the whole system itself which consists of what was mentioned above.


Cartomisers make the most out of disposable cartidges as opposed to tanks full of eliquid. They are an extra appendage which you screw onto your vape device to provide it with vape juice. Instead of dripping e liquid onto your atomiser through the Rebuildable Dripper Atomiser technique or refilling your tank as with the Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, you bypass all the faff by simply screwing in your new vape juice. The benefits are manifold, the cartomiser proving to be an easy and secure way to get the most out of your vape device.

Pros and cons of the cartomiser 

The main problem with a cartomiser is that they are more expensive than your normal three part e cigarette. They are also prone to using up a whole heap more of material, meaning that they can be wasteful, especially when you take into account the fact that once used, the material is then disposed of. One major benefit of the cartomiser is that it is a lot more efficient in using e liquid than three part atomisers. You will have less choice however, cartomiser brands are usually designated just to a few flavours or companies per device, so make sure that you do your research when visiting your vapor shop UK.

Pros and cons of the atomiser

The atomiser is often sought after for the abundance of brands on the market. For ease and diversity, whether a rebuildable atomiser or a disposable one, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the wide range of atomiser flavours. The problem is with the efficiency and power. This tends to fluctuate with the atomiser and can lead to a varying degrees of satisfaction.

So when it comes down to it, finding the right atomiser or cartomiser is a decision that only you can make and there are benefits to both.

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