Washington Vape Picks Of The Month

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With a back catalogue boasting some of the best flavours on the market today, Washington Vapes can feel like a maze you can easily get lost in. Thankfully, we’ve started picking some of our favourite brands for you to peruse and pick from. Whether you’re into sweet or sour flavours, we have a range coming in a diverse selection of nicotine and PG/VG ratios from our UK e liquid wholesale shops.

All Day Vaping

All Day Vaping is a well renowned vape juice manufacturer who’s mission it is to create safe and satisfying flavours for old and new vapers. What’s more, All Day Vaping like to experiment with fan favourites, mixing them up to find new heights of great tasting clouds. Many of their juices are available in short fill, giving you the chance to add your own nicotine shots.

Summer Fruits

This heady mix of summer berries is a ripe and juicy flavour from All Day Vaping, bringing raspberries, strawberries and cherries into one sweet and sharp concoction.


Keep your fruity flavours cool with Heisenberry, an exciting mix of sweet berry and subtle afternotes of cooling menthol. This mix is chemistry genius, giving you a refreshing fruity option for your cloud chasing dreams.

Cherry Sherbet

Cherry flavours are already popular, so bringing the boost of sizzling sherbet into the mix is only going to make it even more moreish. With the two flavours complimenting each other like nothing else, you’ll find cherry sherbet from All Day Vaping to be a safe bet for a satisfying puff.

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady are a vape juice company like no other in that they’ve mastered the art of the brand USP. All of Dinner Ladies flavours are nostalgic through and through, bringing our childhood favourite deserts into authentic tasting vape treats. Melding crafting with originality, Dinner Lady are like no other.

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart from Dinner Lady is a creamy mix of baked cake and creamy lemon, bringing zesty comfort and moreish cake in equal measure.

Cornflake Tart

Rise and shine! This tasty syrup, cornflake and jam hint vape flavour will bring you back to the childhood favourite of the cornflake cake. With thick vape clouds, you can practically taste the nostalgia!

Rice Pudding

Another favourite from your schooldays, rice pudding brings creamy rice pudding flavours into an even creamier vape cloud, melding it with afternotes of raspberry jam which will really hit the spot.

Loaded E liquids

Loaded e juices are never short on character. With their bright and fun packaging, you’ll never miss a Loaded design, whilst their juices are even more memorable.

Glazed Donut

Fresh from the oven, glazed donut brings donut and icing sugar flavours into one mouth-watering e juice.

Cookie butter

No more raiding the cookie jar, because this creamy cookie dough flavour will hit the spot on every exhale.


Melt in your mouth marshmallows needn’t be just for camping, Loaded have it all that flavour packed into one 5 ml vape juice.

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