Vaping For Beginners – All You’ll Need To Know

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Want to know how to vape but don’t know where to start? Here’s all you need to know.

For those of us who aren’t tech savvy, the e cigarette can come across as an intimidating instrument. The complicated internal workings and the viscous liquid you must insert into your devices can all seem rather complicated to a beginner who is more used to the simplicity of tobacco products. What’s more, it’s difficult to understand exactly how vape products and vape e juices create inhalable liquids. Fear not however, this guide will break down vaping into inhalable chunks, letting the vape novices get to grips with the basics.

How is the vape cloud inhaled and produced?

The science behind the vape goes back to the 1960’s when Herbert A Gilbert created the first prototype for the device. Even though vape devices didn’t become publicly available till the early noughties, thanks to Chinese developer Hon Lik, there has been a long time for the tech to progress and form into what it is today. That means that, despite the science behind the vape device and related vape liquid, the devices internal processes are very simple. The device heats up flavoured water vapour which is then inhaled by the user. The user blows out the vapour and, depending on the chemical makeup of the vape e juice, will blow out a large thick cloud made up entirely of heated water vapour. There is no smoke involved, merely gaseous water, electronically heated by the internal components of the vape device.

What makes a vape?

The vape device, despite its many incarnations is a device which comes down to just several parts. Whilst their design and material may change the results are always a constant.


All vape devices have within them an atomizer. An atomizer is a term used for a piece of technology which helps to heat up elements. The atomizer in a vape device is what heats up the e liquid so that it can turn into vapour form for inhalation. Atomizers can come in many different power settings, depending on the flexibility of your device.


The refill cartridge is the storage unit of the vape device. It is this which is filled up with e liquid and this which is heated by the atomizer. Most cartridges have a limit of about 2 ml of e liquid, which can be poured or pipetted into the device.

Coil and battery

The battery of the e cigarette is where the electricity, used to heat up the atomizer and e liquid is stored. It is from the battery and through the copper coil that the electricity runs, different coils bringing different resistances to your vape. The resistance and power settings of your vape are dependent on the type of battery you are using and the type of coil, which must be replaced when worn down.


The mouthpiece of a vape is where you inhale the vapour from. These can come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, including ceramics, glass and plastic.

What device should you start with?

Vape devices are built for differing levels of experience. The vaping veteran is most likely to opt for a more powerful vape device such as a mod or unregulated vape device due to the adjustable power settings. The beginner however would probably want to start with a vape pen. Simple press and vape settings and a design much like that of a cigarette, make it one of the easiest vape devices to get to grips with. For those ex-smokers looking for a device which feels as close to a cigarette as possible, disposable “cigalikes” are probably the way forward.

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