Vaping Etiquette – Avoiding Those Faux Pas

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Vaping is a growing trend, and as such the etiquette for this new craze is still being established in the mainstream.

Vaping, although a decade old habit, still finds itself placed within a sort of grey area of etiquette and law. Devices have evolved and kept up with modern technology, leaving the laws and etiquette stopping for breath in the kicked-up dust it has left in its wake. This has meant that in places such as offices, high streets and many other densely populated areas, the rules and regulations surrounding vaping have been left unclear. Although businesses are catching up, there are still some unwritten rules regarding politeness and sociable vaping that people who enjoy vape e juice must get their heads round to keep on the right side of non-vapers in a social or public setting. After all, vaping is still at war with the naysayers, continually having to justify itself through scientific studies and health experts. The more we can do to put ourselves in a good light the better, and vaping etiquette is a great grassroots place to start.

Don’t vape in bed

One of vape liquids unwritten rules is that smoking in bed is frowned upon. This is in part for if you share a bed with somebody as well as the fact that vaping in bed will lead to even more vaping inside. What’s more, vaping whilst lying down can lead to vape juice dripping down and staining your clothes. If you do decide to vape in bed, and let’s be honest, who except your partner is going to stop you, then make sure you’re sitting up so that you don’t waste any e liquid.

Don’t vape at home without permission

Whether it’s a strict landlord or it’s your housemates or partner who aren’t fans, it’s always a good idea to ask your co-habitants if it’s okay to vape in your home. Of course, this is only a problem if you live with other people but to keep on the right side of the people you live with, make sure you ask permission before vaping inside. You should be in with a good chance, vaping causes no staining or lasting smells in a home. One thing to keep in mind is that you should think twice about vaping whilst people are cooking. If you’re in the kitchen and somebody else is cooking, you may want to avoid vaping due to the clash of smells. Although there are many tasty vape juices such as the dr frost e liquid, it’s still a good idea to show respect for those using the facilities, the clash can be confusing and could be the difference between a Friday night feast and a burn murdered meal.

Ask your boss if you can vape

Don’t assume you can vape in the office. Although more and more businesses are allowing vaping within the office space since it causes no second-hand smoke, it still shows a sign of respect to ask first. If your boss gives you the thumbs up, make sure that you’re not vaping 24-7. This could show a distraction from the work at hand and could lead to a lack of productivity.

Don’t vape in crowded public places

Make sure that in public spaces you are especially careful about where you vape. Vaping on public transport is an absolute no, whilst vaping in restaurants has led to people being kicked out in the past. Make sure that if you vape at or near a bus stop, that there aren’t huge crowds of people in the vicinity and that you’re not vaping in any bodies face. Even though you may think your new pizza flavoured vape liquid is the bees knees, members of the public may not.

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