Vaping CBD to relive chronic symptoms: full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate?

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For many, the gateway to vaping is smoking – or, to be precise, the desire to leave behind once and for all the addiction to cigarettes that are packed full of tobacco tar with all its carcinogenic-causing chemicals. Some, of course, come to vaping via the elemental appeal of trying out the cool, flavoured-e-juice-driven activity it is, but the unqualified desire to quit smoking remains the means by which most vapers find their way to e-liquids and e-cig devices sold by highly recommended vendors such as Washington Vapes UK.

However, it’s fast becoming apparent that a sub-group of enthusiasts of vaping comprises those who’ve come to it via their desire – or rather their need – to call on the health-giving and definitely symptom-relieving properties of cannabinoids. Indeed, owing to the non-psychoactive properties of cannabidiol (CBD), this particular cannabinoid is enjoying a huge surge of popularity because it can provide natural alleviation of chronic pain, anxiety, stress and many more conditions and ailments.

CBD consumption

And, to that end, it’s no surprise then that not only is the consumption of cannabinoids becoming legalised across the United States – and potentially elsewhere too – but also that CBD’s becoming regularly available in a wide array of different iterations; everything from lotions to (yes) vape oils to gummy candies (!). Moreover, an increasing number of brands are cropping up, offering – as you’d doubtless expect – their versions of CBD in various flavours and strengths, specifically to appeal to the precise needs, wants and, indeed, tastes of the customer.

That said, when you get down to it, any user of CBD who’s serious about what they consume for health purposes – whether they be a smoker, vaper of candy consumer – ought to be interested in exactly the type pf CBD they purchase; and that means full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate – what’s the difference?

Well, the difference between the two types comes down to what each specifically is; yes, this is fairly subtle but also fundamental. Taking first then full spectrum CBD (which, in vaping terms, is usually referred to as full spectrum vape CBD oil), you’re talking a composition of chemicals including every one of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. So, that’s the likes of Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabicyclol (CBL), Cannabinol (CBN) and Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Additionally, like it or not, full spectrum CBD is home to trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – which is, of course, infamous for being the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis – and yet at a very low concentration here; no more than 0.3%, the legal limit for industrial hemp products to avoid more than minimal mental stimulation.

Conversely, CBD isolate, while 100-percent-derived from the hemp plant, is CBD that’s been purified. That means it’s been deliberately isolated from all the other cannabinoids – including the additional ones mentioned above – present in the source plant.

Full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate – which is better?

This, as you may imagine, is a matter of debate. Many have for some time maintained that CBD isolate is, of the two types, the better to plump for owing to greater potency, yet an influential 2015 study (conducted by Jerusalem’s Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology) concluded that full spectrum CB oil is actually the more concentrated and more potent and, thus, capable of providing higher levels of relief; not least when it comes to increasing the levels of either CBD type to further alleviate the symptoms of conditions and disorders.

And yet, it’s also believed there are occasions when it may be more effective for sufferers to opt for CBD isolate over its alternative – a good example being when specific sufferers find they’re sensitive to some of the cannabinoids in full spectrum CDB. So, all that said, fundamentally, which of the two CDB types you choose for treatment purposes – not least through the conveyance of vaping – really depends on preference. Everyone’s different and, fundamentally in this case, everyone’s body is different; bodies react in different ways to different treatments. The best advice then is surely to vape both types and find out which suits you best… happy vaping – and experimenting!

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