Vaping and Smoking – What Will Harm My Kids More?

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It’s natural to be protective of your kids, but it’s always sensible to learn the facts.

There has been a longstanding debate about the effects of vaping and smoking, and especially the effects of second smoke and vapour on those around you. whilst there are legitimate concerns to be had about both, clearing out the fog to make way for the facts is always beneficial, especially if you as a parent are an ex-smoker looking to up your health. Below you can find out a little more about the debate about passive smoking and vaping and some of the things to look out for during your transition.

Passive smoke

Passive smoke is a major issue in the debate on smoking. The fact of the matter is that if you are smoking around kids, much like the exhaust of a car in public, there are plenty of toxins which will still be present on the exhale. With over 300 carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco smoke, passive smoking can be a real issue for those who do not smoke. This is especially true of smokers who have children, often being

Passive vaping

Passive vaping has been a debate over the last few years. Some people have claimed that there are still harmful chemicals in vape juice which could be harmful to others through passive vaping. Whilst there are traces of chemicals such as formaldehyde in vape juice, a known toxin, there is little to say that bit is present in any potent amount. The formaldehyde would have little impact on the inhale, let alone in the exhale, meaning that there is little to worry about when it comes to passive smoke for vaping. This is great news for parents, who may feel their vaping could be damaging their children. Except in the most extreme of cases and in those of allergies, this is simply not true. However, always remember to keep your vape juices out of the reach of children as it can be harmful if ingested.

Where can you vape and smoke in public?

There have been countless smoking bans in public areas for years now. Whilst smoking has very stringent rules, where you can and can’t vape is a little more of a grey area. Whether at a restaurant, bus stop or bar, whether vaping is allowed is down to the discretion of the proprietor, meaning that wherever you want to vape, it’s a good idea to ask permission first. Wherever you’re vaping in public, vaping in a vape shop will always be permitted!

Smoke and vape in your home

Another benefit of vaping and smoking in a home setting is the lack of stains vaping can cause. Whilst nicotine can stain walls and curtains, the amount that is let out in the exhale is very small compared to what is absorbed in the body. This means that although over a long period of time you may see vape wall stains, it is nothing to worry about. Smoking is a different matter entirely due to it being burnt and not vaporised. This means that there are plenty more staining chemicals which are released by cigarette smoke.

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