Vaping Abroad – The Do’s And Don’Ts Of Travelling With Your Vape - travelling with vape

Vaping Abroad – The Do’s And Don’Ts Of Travelling With Your Vape

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With laws changing every year and international law on even shiftier sand, you’ll be forgiven for not being able to keep up with where you can and can’t vape. Some countries may dish out hefty fines if you’re caught vaping in public, whilst others welcome it inside most establishments. On top of this, stricter travelling rules means that the law is also changing when it comes to travelling with vapes. So to quell any daunting thoughts of fines and strip searches, we’ve compiled just a few of the rules and laws to keep in mind.

Vaping in airports

One big hit to vaping in airports is that they are often classed much like cigarettes and therefore vapers must smoke their devices in the designated smoking areas of the airport. This deems vaping in airports pointless, as you are trying to get away from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke and second-hand smoke.

Vaping on planes

Although you’re not allowed to vape on planes, some airlines such as Ryan Air sell their own on-board e-cigarettes. On top of this, you’re allowed to bring small bottles of e-liquid onto flights with you as long as they fall below the limit of the liquid limit. What’s more, you are no longer allowed to charge your e-cigarette on board the aircraft. With airlines such as British Airways where you can buy e-cigarette’s on board, people have been arrested for using their e-cig whilst travelling to countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia. Due to the varying rules from country to country, it’s always a good idea not to vape whilst on board a plane or to make sure that your vape is safely away in your hand luggage.

Going through security

Going through security, you will of course have to put your vape liquid in a clear plastic bag when going through security, like with all other liquids during this procedure. One thing which is not allowed, is to have vape devices in the cargo hold. This means that your vape must come onto the flight with you. The laws about this change as the years go on and new ways of smuggling potentially dangerous devices are sought after. Batteries are also not allowed in checked in luggage and therefore must be brought with you onto the plane.

vape device

Where is it legal and where is it not?

Within most of Europe and America, you’ll find similar vaping laws. In the USA you’ll find vaping laws changing from state to state as they set up their own rules on such matters. Australia allows the selling and consumption of e-liquids as long the user is above the age limit. On top of this, many countries in Africa allow vape device and related products to be sold, although there are several countries where the law remains unclear. In many Middle Eastern Countries, e-cigarettes are illegal whilst different countries in Asia vary on their laws. For instance, the banning of e-cigarettes in Cambodia has turned it into a back-alley trade.

Whatever the law in the country and airport your visiting, always make sure you check the rules before travelling.

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