Vape the day away: check out our All Day Vaping e-juice bundles

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Bundles, nay oodles of joy are what this exceptional array of fruity, zesty and tangy e-liquids from those awesome fellers at All Day Vaping deliver; so much so that each and every one of them can, indeed, be vaped all day long. And, speaking of bundles, here’s the lowdown on the special offers running right now at our online vapor shop UK on this line of e-juices – don’t miss out on these fantastically well priced packs of All Day Vaping’s finest, now will you?

Please note: these shortfill e-liquids are all nicotine-free, but contained in a 60ml bottle, as they are, they all go great with an additional 10ml nicotine (nic shot)…

All Day Vaping Strawberry Jam (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Who doesn’t go gaga for the taste of strawberry – and especially strawberry jam? This e-juice’ll take you back to school days and you favourite fruity sandwich filling!

All Day Vaping Cherry Sherbet (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Bursting with the old-school taste of an all-time favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweet.

All Day Vaping Mixed Berry (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Smooth and so ideal for evening vaping, this e-juice is all about the blend, mixing together field-fresh strawberries, tart wild raspberries, tangy blackberries and ripe, juicy blueberries. Yum yum!

All Day Vaping Raspberry Zest (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Offers up a fantastically zesty flavour that simply oozes juicy raspberries.

All Day Vaping Heisenberry (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

A simply awesome-tasting e-liquid this one, if for nothing else because it combines that unbeatable pairing that’s fruit and menthol for a truly cool, soothing vape.

All Day Vaping Apple Slush (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

vape e liquid that’s brimming with the irresistible flavour of juicy sweet green apples and, even better, blended with oh-so icy menthol.

All Day Vaping Summer Fruits (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Delicious from the first of the day to the last, this taste concoction (drawn from a selection of summer fruit flavours) kicks-off with peach and strawberry overtones, before it progresses to lemon and lime come the finish. What could be better than that, honestly?

All Day Vaping Watermelon & Mango (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Fancy a throwback to the summer as we head towards the winter months? Why not – give this tropical fruit-themed e-juice a go. The flavours are out of this world!

All Day Vaping Red A (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Offering up an awesome blend of the traditional ‘red’ berry flavours, this vape juice throws a very welcome and satisfying kick of menthol into the mix too.

All Day Vaping Bubblegum (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Who could resist giving a high-quality, fabulously-flavoured e-liquid a go that promises to deliver the familiarly sweet yet deliciously intoxicating taste of old-fashioned bubblegum?

All Day Vaping Grape & Menthol (50ml; 70/ 30 VG/ PG ratio mix)

(Buy 5 for £10)

Finally, this one does exactly what it says on the bottle; but in offering a perfect blend of grapes notes and smooth menthol, it delivers its flavour in spades!

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