Vape Battery Tips

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Vape batteries are incredibly important for the average vaper. Here’s what you need to know.

Without a heart, the human body won’t work, and without a battery, the vaping circuit won’t start up. The rebuildable deck of a vape system can be compared to the organs of a body, the coil acts as the arteries, the atomiser as the stomach and the battery as the beating heart. It is through the battery that all of the electrical power circulates around the vape device, and if you want to work at maximum efficiency, then you have to have some form of understanding about the maintenance of these components. Below is a beginners guide to the vape battery; if you’re looking for a satisfying vape experience then heed these tips.

Internal batteries

Internal batteries are vape batteries which can’t be taken out of the vape device. The majority of internal batteries can be found in cigalikes and some primitive vape pens. These batteries are usually lower powered and disposable, meaning that they are unable to be recharged once they have gone dry. There are more advanced internal batteries which you can charge, using a USB charger which you plug into the body of the vape device itself.

External batteries

External vape batteries are batteries which you can take out of the device and charge independently of their device. These devices are often rebuildable mods, and give you the freedom to pick and choose the kind of battery to power your vape. Whatever the e juice you use, the external battery, in tandem with the rest of the circuit, will be the main instigator of the power of your vape hit.

18650 batteries

18650 batteries are the most popular vape battery due to their smaller size. These batteries measure 18 mm by 65mm and can be used singularly or doubled up, depending on the size of your vape device.

26700 batteries

26700 batteries are often reserved for larger and more powerful mods, often unregulated in their circuitry. These batteries are slightly larger and therefore suit variable devices with the power to go sub ohm.

What are milli-Amp-hours?

When buying a vape battery from your local UK vapor shop, you will find an mAh reading on the packaging. This measurement stands for milli-amp hours and can be deciphered through this logic. If you have battery with 1000 mAh, it can supply 1000 milli amps for one hour, or 100 for q0 hours, and so on. Understanding this, paired with the power output of your vape device will give you a good idea of how long your battery will last for.

Battery safety

Most vape batteries are lithium ionised, meaning that they come with extra casing to protect from the rather volatile liquid used to power them.

First off, always make sure you are not overcharging your vape device. If you leave it charging for too long, it can overheat and damage the device.

Overheating is another big problem in vaping. If you use a battery which is not suited to your vape device, then you might find that it can overheat far quicker, leading to the battery literally exploding within your device.

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