True Blue: Our Top Trio Of Blueberry E-Liquids

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There’s no getting away from it; blueberry’s definitely among the most popular fruity flavours in the e-juice universe. Whether it’s to provide a delicious taste for a dessert-style vape liquid, a breakfast-esque e-flavour or a full-out fruity tasting vape, blueberry’s a bankable flavour that mixologists turn to again and again to sate the taste buds of oh-so many eager vapers out there.

Sweet, succulent and a complimentary taste to almost any other taste you care mention, blueberry’s also a big favourite at Washington Vapes – so here’s our quick guide to the most exciting and, yes, the most delicious blueberry-boasting flavours available from us, right now…

Lucky 7 Handsome Blue 100ml Shortfill (Any 3 for £15)

How can you improve on the vaper’s favourite that’s the Heisen flavour? Why, by blending blueberry with it, of course! Lucky 7’s latest take on their Heisen vape juice sees them combine their popular creation with various fruit flavours to produce a terrific range of vaping options – and the Blueberry e-liquid’s just too delicious to ignore. There’s no doubt about it; it’s one of the tastiest flavours Lucky 7’s ever come up with!

Please note that each 100ml bottle of Heisen Blueberry available through us at Washington Vapes comes with 20ml’s worth of free space at the top of the bottle. This is specifically provided so you might add your own nicotine shot (or ‘nic shot’) to the bottle and blend it with the e-juice to create a nicotine’d-up flavour – be sure to shake the concoction thoroughly before unloading it into your device’s tank!

As you may have guessed, yes; Heisen Blueberry contains no nicotine on its own (VG/ PG ratio: 50/ 50); by adding a couple of 10ml nic shots to a 100ml short-fill bottle then, you’ll produce 120ml’s worth of Heisen Blueberry (3mg).

Jam Monster Salts 10ml – Blueberry

Surely, when it comes a blueberry flavoured e-liquid, this offering from the fun and frivolous Jam Monster (each bottle from these guys features a cute rhyme about the monster; true story!) has to be among the very finest. Not least because it offers up maybe the most authentic blueberry taste you’ll come across in a vape.

Make no mistake, your taste buds are in for a grand old time with this flavour; serving up, as it does, a ridiculously good riff on blueberry jam spread on buttered toast – which does, for sure, make something of a welcome change from the myriad fruit-/ dessert-flavours that saturate the e-juice market.

And with a 0mg nicotine content (VG/ PG ratio: 75 / 25), the emphasis here is on flavour, all right; giving the vaper the sensation, first, of delicious, slathered blueberry jam, before the sweet and fulsome buttery taste takes hold – just as if you’re crunching your way into a breakfast-friendly blueberry jam-topped slice of toast. Awesomeness, indeed!

Milkshake Man Blueberry (50ml)

This final, fantastic entry in our run-down of bloomin’ marvellous blueberry premium eliquid flavours comes courtesy of Southern California’s Marina Vape, the e-juice company famed for their Milkshake Man range. And taste-wise, a milkshake’s what this offering’s all about – because to sample it is to recreate the sensation of savouring a creamy vanilla milkshake, topped with whipped cream with chunks of blueberries in it.

Perfect then for lovers of dessert-style vape juices, the first impression of just how good it’s going to taste comes when you catch notes of vanilla milkshake on the inhale, before the whipped cream emerges and then, at last on the exhale, the blueberry makes for a simply cracking climax to the overall flavour. Indeed, all the tastes here are blended together to perfection; the notes and undertones are all subtly delivered and the throat hit’s easy-as-you-like.

Complete with an aftertaste that’s bound to leave you wanting more (and more besides!), this start-to-finish smooth vape is nicotine-free (0mg), so ideal for topping up with a nic shot, while its VG/ PG ratio a reliably standard 70/ 30 mix.

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