Travel Tips For Vapers

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No one wants to go vape free during their long plane journey, but equally, no one wants the fine that can come with it.

Imagine you’re about to go on the holiday of lifetime to the other side of the world. Australia perhaps, or Japan or China. The excitement you’d feel would be palpable, but once you’re in the airport, then on the plane, there’s no vaping allowed. You grow irritated, needing your nicotine fix, you thought there were vaping areas in the airport. Instead, you’re faced with almost an entire day going cold turkey.

Not the start to your holiday you were expecting. And this is exactly why you should always ensure that you are prepared to travel with your vape paraphernalia. Below are some of the main facts you should know about travelling with a vape device.

Vaping and airports

Sadly, most airports treat vaping like smoking. If you are looking to vape in an airport, you have to find a designated smoking area. The irony here is that most vapers started vaping to get away from smoking, making the use of a smoking area for vaping rather frustrating in airports. Some airports are beginning to open up to the idea that vaping is actually beneficial, with Heathrow and Athens airport allowing the use of e cigarettes within their walls. If you’re thinking of vaping in an airport, always ask a member of staff first, or risk a hefty fine. 

Vaping and planes

Almost all planes won’t allow vape devices to be used on board. Much like the no smoking sign which lights up above each seat, vaping is almost never allowed on board planes. The main reason for this is the common courtesy of not blowing huge plumes of vapour into the face of a reluctant neighbour. That being said, some more discreet vape devices are being sold on flights such as Ryanair. These devices are high PG and low VG, resembling your average cigalike and so don’t create much of a vape cloud, if any at all.

Vape device storage

In recent years, there’s been a new rule introduced about vape devices and their components being stored on planes. Batteries, liquids and components are no longer allowed to be stored in the cargo hold of the plane and must be kept in the overhead locker of your flight. The reason for this is that batteries and liquids could be mistaken for dangerous elements or weapons and so having them in the overhead locker means that you have to take them through baggage control and so have to be checked.

Vape accessories for protected travelling

Whilst you bring the device and batteries on board the plane with you, you might have packed an extra e liquid or two in your cargo baggage. With the notoriously rough handling in airports, it can be easy to find leakages in your bags on pick up. That’s why Washing Vapes UK sells a range of accessories such as vape bags to store your liquids in, ensuring that your extra parts are secure when travelling.

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