Top Tips For Coil Beginners

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Coils can be difficult to get right, but can save you a lot of money when you do.

Vape coils are just one of several components which you can find in the everyday vape device. These small pieces of wire may seem irrelevant, or like they play a small part in the wider functioning of a vape device, but when it comes to the crunch, the coil is one of the most important parts of your cloud chasing experience. Ensuring that it is well looked after and kept in good condition will mean your vaping satisfaction is prolonged and your value for money is gained. It’s easy to overlook the coil as a beginner, but below are just some of the tips you need to know when maintaining and replacing one within your rebuildable device.

What is a coil?

A coil acts as the main artery of the vape device, allowing electricity from the battery to freely flow through and into the coil. This means that it acts as the bridge for the vape devices power, and can come in a range of different thicknesses and shapes, affecting the output in slightly different ways. A low resistance coil will mean that more electricity can pass through it, thus heating up more e liquid and creating more vapour production for the cloud chasers out there. This is why sub ohm vape devices have low resistance coils.

How long do coils last?

Depending on how you use them and their general quality, coils can last anywhere between two weeks and two months. For rebuildable devices, you will have to learn how to change the coil through instruction manuals, either online or in your UK vapor shop.

How do I know if my coil needs replacing?

Like with any metal component which is subjected to high temperatures, you can expect it to eventually start to degrade, the metal reacting, or oxidising in the face of high heat. There are a range of factors which will act as signifiers for your vape devices coil beginning to degrade. If you are experiencing less taste on your vape hits, or are experiencing a burnt taste, then it might be a sign that your vape coil is beginning to degrade or oxidise.

Top tips for coil quality

So is there are any way you can stem the tide of coil degradation? What can you do to stop your coil from breaking too quickly?

One great tip is to go easy on the chain vaping. Many people using a low nicotine concentration in their vape juices might end up using it more often, chain vaping till the coil burns out. Due to the high temperatures and prolonged intensity of this style of vaping, the coil will begin to degrade far quicker than if you let your device breathe every once in a while.

Furthermore, keeping your wattage low will ensure that you don’t subject your device to unnecessary power, especially if sub ohm vaping. Temperature control settings will also help to keep the device cool.

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