Top Tips For A Full Flavoured Vape Experience

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Whilst more and more people look for huge cloud production from their vape devices, flavour has taken a backseat.

This is all well and good for those entering into vape competitions where the main aim is to create hypnotic and impressive patterns within the vape clouds. It is not so helpful for those vape enthusiasts who want to sit back and relax with a full bodied vape juice flavour. There are ways around this and for those who want to up their flavour games, there are some simple things you can do to get the most out of your favourite vape juice flavour. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury kind of person the rules are always the same when it comes to maximising your vape flavour output.Top Tips For A Full Flavoured Vape Experience - perfect atomizer

Finding the perfect atomizer

Although a small piece of the vape device puzzle, the atomizer is a great place to start when it comes to enhancing your flavour. Whilst the long list of different coils out there will essentially come down to your personal preference, there are sure fire ways to improve the taste with certain atomizers.

These include investing in bottom coil clearomizers. With the central stems bottom being the location of the coil, you’ll find that you wick won’t have to put in as much effort when transferring the vape e juice. Instead, the location means that gravity will do most of the work.

Sub Ohm Tanks are a worthy investment for flavour as well. These will allow coils which work under one ohm resistance to work with the device and are renowned for their vapour and flavour production.

If unable to invest in any larger devices or complicated atomizers, simply look for the smallest bore in the atomizer head. The smaller the bore coil is, the less the airflow will be and thus the better the flavour.

Reducing the airflow

It is widely known that better flavour is the result of a smaller air flow. Whilst larger airflows create more vapour, the tighter the draw the more concentrated the flavour. Adjustable atomizers are a good place to start when it comes to finding that perfect draw. You should also keep in mind that the balance can be difficult to find. Large airflows will reduce the flavour whilst if it is too tight, the vapour might be too hot.

Adjusting your temperature and power

Most vape devices come with power settings. That’s the beauty of the vape, it is so flexible to the needs of the user. Higher power settings will give you a fuller vape flavour and production but will also drain battery. Finding the sweet spot which is right for you is crucial here, so get to grips with ohms law to know what stats are best for you.

Go PG over VG

The PG and VG ratio of your vape juice is crucial to master for the perfect flavour production. When buying your vape juice and looking for one which creates more flavour than cloud, go for those which are higher in propylene glycol. This element of vape juices is the one that stores the flavour, and can be found in ratios to vegetable glycerine a high as 70 to 30.Top Tips For A Full Flavoured Vape Experience - storing vape

Store your vape juice properly

Storing your vape juice in the proper way will keep your vape juices at full flavour capacity for as long as possible. Tips include storing out of direct sunlight, storing upright and in a cool place where the juice won’t evaporate. Some juices will require you to “steep” them. Like with some alcohols and cheeses, these flavours require a few days in which to set, so as to get the best flavour possible out of them.

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