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To Vape? Or Not To Vape?

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Even though vaping has been researched extensively in recent years there are still arguments for and against its use as a smoking cessation tool. With such young technology and constant innovation, comes a range of worries and assumptions when it comes to Vape Shops and their products. The main question on everyone’s mind is whether vaping has any health benefits and whether there is in fact an increased risk to those who did not smoke before. Below you can find a few of the topics that have surrounded vaping for some time now, alongside myth busting insight into research data which has been compiled.

Does it cause young non-smokers to take up the habit?

One argument that anti-vapers are bringing up is the potential for vaping to be a gateway to smoking tobacco for younger vapers. This argument is a valid one, but studies have also shown that only about 1 percent of those who vape regularly were non-smokers before. It seems that more and more young smokers are switching due to it being a more fashionable and ultimately more enjoyable past time. On top of this, vaping has been proven to be far cheaper than smoking tobacco, especially with the new tobacco regulations taking effect in the UK hiking up the prices of tobacco far more than vaping, young smokers are far more likely to switch than non-smokers are likely to take up the habit.


Are there harmful chemicals in vape juice?

It has been revealed that there are over 300 dangerous chemicals in your everyday cigarette, whilst vape juice is made up of only three ingredients – Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and nicotine. It is the flavourings that provide any extra ingredients, and the only thing found to have any potential negative effects on the body is the elements of formaldehyde in vape products. These however, are found in very small doses and have far less of an impact on the health in comparison to smoking.

Does it help quit smoking?

The short answer is yes because by wholly giving up smoking for vaping, you’ve already made the first step. The only thing standing in your way is nicotine intake. You can vape and still live a healthy life because of the lack of chemicals from smoking and it has recently been cited in research that those looking to give up smoking fully should up their vaping intake. Once the transition has been made, you can start decreasing the amount fo nicotine in your vape.

Is it a better smoking cessation device than other smoking alternatives?

It seems that more people who are ex-smokers are using e-cigs than those looking to quit who use other supplements such as nicotine gum and patches. One of the reasons for this is that vaping gives the sensation of smoking. You are still inhaling nicotine through vapour and you still get the same throat hit that smokers crave. Addiction is difficult to overcome and vaping seems to be helping those who find it the most difficult or are forced to due to health reasons.

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