Thinking Of Mixing Your Own E Juice?

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Vape juice has always been cheaper than cigarettes; it’s how the government and the businesses entice you to quit smoking and begin your journey to vaping. That being said, DIY vaping is even cheaper, and has led to many people ditching the pre-mixed UK vape e liquid and opting instead for the do it yourself attitude.

So except for money, what would lead people to DIY vaping? How could you possibly go through with it either? All those chemicals and precise flavour combinations must be incredibly difficult for the average person to mix, not to mention the dangers of nicotine overdoses! When it comes to DIY’ing, more and more people are getting involved and here’s why.

Save money on your vape juices

One of the main reasons that many people start vaping DIY is because of the money they save on vape juice. Whilst vape juice is cheaper than tobacco on a consumption basis, a 10ml bottle of premium vape e juice can still reach anywhere up to 30 pounds. When you buy your own mixing ingredients, you’ll usually buy in bulk, and the more you buy, the cheaper it’ll be.

Find the right nicotine concentration for you

Not everyone will have the same nicotine tolerance as what is found in premade vape juices. These usually range from 3 mg per 10 ml to 20 mg, and whilst 20 mg is rather high and is the maximum amount of nicotine allowed to be sold, some users may require more than this. With DIY vape juices, you can add nicotine shots to your heart’s content, ensuring that you get what you need from your vape juice.

Find the right PG / VG ratio for you

Like with nicotine shots, you can find a wide range of ratios in DIY vaping which wouldn’t be available in pre fill juices. Whether you’re looking for a unique blend of VG and PG to experiment with or you’ve found the perfect match for your own tastes, mixing your own juices effectively gives you far greater control over your experience.

Find the flavours to suit you

Strawberry not cutting it? Jam donut giving you vapers tongue? However you feel about flavour chasing, mixing your own e juice comes with a wide range of recipes and tastes which you simply might not find in the pre filled brand world. Perhaps it’s an eccentric concoction that only you have a hankering for, perhaps only you can satisfy your spicy chorizo mixed with strawberry menthol flavour needs!

Be part of a vaping community

Lastly, DIY vaping opens a gateway to a new realm of vape culture. Forget cloud chasing and mod building, vape mixing brings out the chef in all of us. It is a collaborative process, with hints and tips past from mixer to mixer, and it’s a lot of fun to get involved in with friends. After all, vaping is a social culture, and mixing brings a new dimension to that.

How do you make your own vape juices?

So how do you actually go about making your vape juice? There are a wide range of ingredients to start with, and luckily you can find most of them all in one place. Most online vape stores sell the ingredients in bulk, and give you the chance to buy more than enough to get you started. Wholesale retailers online are your best bet, but you can also buy most of the ingredients in store at your favourite vape shop.

Mixing by weight or volume?

First off, before you get mixing to your recipe, you need to decide whether you will be mixing by weight or volume.

When measuring by weight, you’ll need a set of scales, and by volume you will need volume measuring syringes.

Measuring by weight is the simpler way to measure your ingredients. Simply set your scales to 0.01 and place your ingredients onto the scales.

Volume can get messy, and requires you to siphon liquid from its container and into the syringes. This is why as a first timer we recommend that you measure your ingredients by weight.

What you need

You’ll need some base liquid, or a mixture of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. You can buy these in a variety of different ratios, but what you’re essentially getting is unflavoured and nicotine free vape juice.

The flavour concentrates are up next, and these can be wide ranging. Buy as many as you’ll need for your perfect mix.

Nicotine shots can be bought in concentrated bottles in a propylene glycol solution. If you do a little digging around, you’ll be able to find a wide range of concentrates to suit your needs.

Calculate your juice ingredients

Next up, calculate your vape juice ingredients. There are many vape calculators on the internet, and ensuring that you’re getting the most exact measurements will keep your vape mix efficient. Once you’ve measured out the desired amounts of each of your ingredients, it’s time to get mixing.

After mixing

After you’ve mixed your vape juice and stored it safely in a bottle, there are a few things you have to do.

Label your vape juice

First off, label your vape bottle. You may be making a wide range of vape juices and you might not want to get them mixed up. Make sure to write down the PG/VG ratio and the

Steep your vape juice

Think of steeping your vape juice as the same as fermenting wine. You need to give the different ingredients time to settle. The more complex the ingredients, the longer the juice will take to steep. This could take anywhere up to a month, but is well worth the wait.

Test your vape juice

Finally, it’s time to test your vape juice. Taste your vape juice to see if any of the tastes seem off, otherwise your ready to go!

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