The Source Of All Power: The Ins And Outs Of Vape Batteries

All e-cig devices are powered by batteries to be found inside the device, which are capable of being charged over and over – and so used again over and over. Mechanically speaking, an e-cigarette battery’ a simple thing; the battery operates in a device by powering the tank/ clearomiser’s coil whose generated heat, in turn, transforms e-liquid into vapour to be inhaled by the user.

What are vape batteries manufactured from?

Most vape batteries that you can buy online or from a vapour shop UK (like any other vaping accessory) are lithium-based units. Lithium-featuring batteries have a habit of holding charge for much longer than other battery types (you’ll be glad to learn); so, e-cigarette batteries have great potential in the power stakes. A vape battery then is turned on either via a button or a motion sensor.

Sometimes, you’ll find that, once installed, the battery’s connected to a smart chip which can detect usage and so activates the heating coil, in addition to functioning as an LED light at the tip of the e-cig device. This self-same light will likely be activated via the chip when the battery’s running low – some e-cig devices will flash or pulse, you’ll notice, in this scenario. Most vape batteries tend to be recharged by deploying a USB charging cable – instead a device-specific plug that goes in a wall socket.

How long do vape batteries last?

Put simply; it depends. A good rule of thumb, it’s fair to say, is that the larger the battery, the longer will be its lifespan. Yet, you might want to bear in mind to remember that an e-cig’ll still require full-charged so that can last as long as its potential lifespan. Moreover, it also needs to be *used* in order for it to last – only with regular use can you hope for it to achieve maximum lifespan.

What different types of battery are there?

Most e-cigs use one of two types of battery – automatic or manual. The automatic type’s fitted with a pressure sensor, which ensures it can detect the start of a vaping session and it’ll turn on the device on inhaling. Manual types activate when a button’s held down on the e-cig device. Neither type’s necessarily bigger or smaller than the other, yet automatic batteries can be slightly smaller and manual batteries a little larger. So, for vapers who tend to deploy their e-cigs for relatively long periods between charges might be happier opting for devices that take manual batteries.

Moreover, others might prefer manual batteries because, with them, you often experience less of a delay when you’re inhaling vapour. Why’s this? Well, when you can start pressing the button ahead of inhaling, the device is given enough time to generate before the inhale. By contrast, automatic-battery-containing devices’ll only produce vapour after inhaling’s begun. That said; the delay’s only slight (you’re really talking 100-200 milliseconds!), so many vapers who are comfortable with automatic batteries are barely wasting valuable time with such a pause they have to take before inhaling.

How can you get the most out of your vape battery?

  • Give the battery a long first charge – most vape batteries are lithium-ion batteries and cannot be overcharged; however, a good initial charge conditions the battery and will help ensure a longer life
  • Store your battery in a cool, dark place – especially if storing for a long period of time; if you do plan to store the battery for a lengthy period, try to make sure it has at least a 40% charge
  • Use your battery regularly – most e-cig batteries are designed to be used daily
  • Charge it before it’s fully drained – if you can charge the battery before it’s completely empty, you should improve its lifespan; with variable wattage devices, vaping at very high wattages (close to the maximum on your device) will also put strain on the battery if it’s nearly empty, so again, charge sooner rather than later
  • Keep out of high temperatures and sunlight – this should be a no-brainer; if your battery gets too hot, it can add to wear and tear, thereby reducing lifespan.

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