The Never-Ending Struggle Of Picking The Right Vape Juice

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Everybody has different tastes, so finding the right vape juice to suit your needs can often leave you stalemated.

Vape juices are known for being wide ranging and ever changing. With so many companies now making e juices, there are plenty to choose from. And whilst that is great for the thriving industry, it also means that there’s a lot on the vapers shoulders when it comes to choosing the flavour to suit them. It’s not just flavour choice either, there are a range of other factors to keep in mind which will affect what you pick. Below are the important factors for a vape consumer to keep in mind when browsing in their favourite UK vapor shop.


Many people who have turned to vaping have done so because they are on a health kick, leading to them swapping the cigs for e cigs. This means that they are often in a position in which they want a vape juice which reminds them of their favourite tobacco flavour. This is often why cigalikes, the first bridge between smoking and vaping, are made up of tobacco and menthol flavours. This makes a great starting point for ex-smokers, and often bring more versatility than tobacco flavours do, in part because of the distinctive and potent flavour of vape juices, heightened even more by the fact that leaving tobacco will rekindle your taste bud romance.

PG VG ratio

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are two of the most important parts of a vape juice. Acting as the compound and soluble liquid into which you add the nicotine and the vape flavour, the PG VG have their won distinct roles within the vape juice. Whilst propylene glycol is known for adding more flavour and a harsher throat hit to vape juices, the higher vegetable glycerine juices are thicker in consistency and increase the density of the vape cloud you exhale. For cloud chasers then, higher vegetable glycerine juices are the ones to go for whilst taste connoisseurs will want to try higher PG ones.

Nicotine content

Nicotine content is one crucial aspect that vape users should try their best to get right. Vape juices legal nicotine limit is 20 mg per bottle, and this is quite strong for those with a lower tolerance. If you were a light smoker before you started vaping, then going for a juice between 3 and 6 mgs will be your best bet to ensure you are not overwhelmed or feel sick. If you are a vaper who didn’t smoke before, then the sensible option is to avoid vape juices containing nicotine to remain unhooked.

Sweet or savoury

With so many flavours to choose from, learning what your favourite vape flavour is will help you find out where you stand when it comes to a quick pick down the vape shopWith candy flavours being some of the most popular, there are plenty of others including pizza and even cheese flavours. Whilst the latter won’t float everyone’s boat, it’s a case of each to their own.

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