Switching From Smoking To Vaping

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Making the switch from smoking to vaping is easier said than done. Here are a few tips.

Vaping is fast become far more popular than smoking tobacco, and the main reason advertised is the health benefits this could bring to ex-smokers. Vaping has always been known to be far less dangerous than smoking, 98 percent less dangerous to be precise, and therefore there has been far more pressure put on the tobacco industry to curtail the habit in recent years. These pressures have included larger tariffs on tobacco imports to the UK alongside more respected vaping advocates discussing the topic. However, it’s still fair to say that ex-smokers can find it hard to make the switch. Here are some of the things they can do to make the transition as swift as possible.

Saving money

A pack a day smoker, according to studies, will save just under £3000 a year, meaning that your wallet will be a lot heavier on a year by year basis. With tax on the import of tobacco rising, vaping has become a far cheaper alternative. With vape shops dedicated to the hobby, it’s no surprise to find that more and more people are turning to the hobby due to tight times economically. Whether you’re kicking the habit for health reasons or not, money saving is often top of the list for new converts.

Better sense of smell and taste

After just a few hours, you’ll start to notice a better smell and taste after giving up smoking. The reason for this is that the receptors and nerves in the front of your face will begin to repair themselves after the damaging effects of tobacco smoke on them. The heat and smoke, alongside the damaging chemicals within them, will begin to be expelled from the body and will lead to your body healing itself. The great thing is that this will begin to happen after just a few days, and whilst it’ll take years to fully return to normal, your taste and smell will retain some of its former potency very quickly indeed.

Strokes and heart disease chances are dramatically decreased

One of the main reasons for older people to stop smoking is the decreased chance of near fatal diseases. The fact of the matter is that as you get older, there’ll be more and more pressure to decrease your chances of contracting fatal disorders. Whilst this may not be something you think about when you’re younger, as you get older you’ll want to decrease the chances. With strokes, after five years of not smoking, you’ll find your chances have dramatically decreased, whilst heart disease will have been cut by half. These are just two of the benefits on your health which will come with giving up smoking.

A break down in hours

The body begins to change dramatically in even the first hours of quitting smoking. After 8 hours you can expect to see more oxygen reaching the blood, replacing the carbon monoxide which was inhaled through the smoking of tobacco. After 24 hours, you can find all the carbon monoxide has been expelled from the body. After this, more toxins will have been vanquished as well, whilst the mucus in your body will have left. After two days of not vaping, you can expect to see clear signs of improvement in your respiratory system. With receptors in your body being repaired, it is at this time that you will notice the heightened sense of smell and taste. At 3 days, breathing has improved further still, the amount of tar in your body having decreased significantly.

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