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Based out of Birmingham, Signature E Liquid is a vape company with a love for their craft. With a range of nostalgia inducing flavours and experimental rarities, the Signature Vape company have been perfecting the art of vape juice mixing for years now and can be found in store and online at Washington Vapes. The wide range of products on offer give vapers a chance to explore some great flavours, alongside some cut-price deals on vaping bundles. This gives you more cloud for your cash, allowing you to vape for longer on premium vape juices.

Signature vapes work with a very specific philosophy at their core. The company were created with the intention of upping the game when it comes to transparency about vape juice ingredients. The wide range of juices that claim to be premium do not show all the ingredients on their packaging, and Signature E Liquid wanted to change that. Now that regulations have changed, it has without a doubt become easier, but Signature are still giving every customer the exact ingredients in each of their bottles, and without any extra additives added to them. If you’re looking for a clean, danger free vape juice which says it how it is, then Signature are the brand for you, persevering for the same great taste in every bottle.

Signature vape juices all have a 50 50 VG PG ratio, meaning that you get a great balance between vapour production and taste. This is so that everyone, whether you’re a recent ex-smoker or an avid cloud chaser can enjoy the vape juice. On top of this, each bottle has 0 mg of nicotine, giving you the opportunity to add your own nicotine shots and can have more control over your vaping experience. This makes a refreshing change from the many cloud chasing liquids out there which often come with a standardised 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine concentrate.