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FAR E-Liquid

Brought to you by premium vape company Element, Far E Liquid are one of the many premium e liquid brands available at Washington Vapes and created by the multi-award winning Vape company. Bringing with it a wide range of different flavours, the Far E Liquid brand brings a hip, urban edge to the Element company.

Bringing a range of approachable and crowd pleasing flavours to a company known for their more methodical and experimental look, Far come with cool graffiti style packaging and a whole host of flavours to satisfy even the most demanding of vape connoisseurs. There are no hidden tricks in these vape juices, Far E liquid ready for you to pick up and get vaping.

Far E Liquid flavours include Strawberry Cupcake, a tasty mix of vanilla cupcakes and strawberry icing, melding into an almost lifelike rendition of the real thing. For something truly original, try the Marshmallow Breeze, a mouthwatering mixture of marshmallow with a cool icy afternote. One thing’s for sure when it comes to Far E Liquid flavours; the tastes are truly gourmet. There are also a whole range of delectable twists to your average fruit flavour, including the Pineapple Bliss, a heady mix of pineapple, berries and mango. Far effortlessly retain the progressive edge of Element, whilst bringing a whole new style and character to the game.

About Element

Element are known for their unique and experimental flavours, selling to a plethora of vape shops and retailers the world over. Element ensure they sell only the most original flavours from tried and tested concoctions. With years of experience in the game, you’ll find a great range of vape flavours from this boutique vape company. Whether you’re looking for that perfect all day vape flavour or you want to find your new niche, then Element are the company for you.