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Element E-Liquid

Element E Liquid are one of the many premium e liquid companies available at Washington Vapes. Bringing with it a wide range of different flavours, the Element E Liquid company are known for their unique and experimental flavours. Selling to a plethora of vape shops and retailers the world over, Element ensure they sell only the most original flavours from tried and tested concoctions. With years of experience in the game, you’ll find a great range of vape flavours from this boutique vape company. Whether you’re looking for that perfect all day vape flavour or you want to find your new niche, then Element are the company for you.

Dripper series

Element E liquids Dripper series are a range of e liquids specifically designed to be perfect for dripping. For those who are new to dripping, not to worry, Element will be your perfect introduction!

Dripping is the process of vaping without a tank or cartridge. This means that dripper atomisers come with a plug, or hole above the atomiser on your device, onto which you drip a few drops of e juice as an alternative to filling up the tank.

The reason for this is that dripping e liquid directly onto your atomiser and wicking cotton will give you a purer vape hit, the juice bypassing the journey from tank to mouth piece. This makes the flavour purer and means you use up less e liquid.

The juices created for the dripper series have been designed to give you the purest flavour yet from Element, ensuring maximum satisfaction whilst vaping.

Shake and vape

The Shake and Vape series from Element have been specially steeped to ensure that subtle flavours such as Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry express their intricate taste combinations. On top of this, you can add your own nicotine shots to these nicotine free short fill bottles. Just give the mixture a vigorous shake, and you’re ready to get vaping!