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Dinner Lady

Remember the ring of the dinner bell for school lunch? Remember those wholesome puddings that would keep you coming back for seconds, and thirds and fourths… Now you don’t have to wing it in the school canteen because besides, we’re too old for that anyhow. Nowadays you can take the great flavours from your carefree schooldays and find them in the magnificent Dinner Lady E Liquid range. These juices are known for their complex flavours and thick vape clouds, bringing their ultra recognisable branding and highly creative flavours to Washington Vapes, ensuring maximum satisfaction with each puff.

Dinner Lady are one of the UK’s leading vape companies and have been featured on such high profile platforms as the BBC and the Huffington Post. It’s no surprise either, Dinner Lady lovingly craft vape juices which are filled to the brim with nostalgia. Whether it be a Rice Pudding flavoured all day juice or a sip on the cool fizz of Cola Lemonade, you’ll be blown away and taken back to those better days. Whatever your need from your flavours, there’s always space in your tank for those flavours that have stuck in your mind since childhood.

Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop is a vape flavour which brings the best of Dinner Ladies sweet flavours into beautifully nostalgic bottles. These high VG juices are popular with cloudchasers looking for that authentic candy treat substitute, whether it be apple sours or lemon sherbet.


The classic Dinner Lady dessert flavours bring a warming range of dessert flavour vape juices, including Strawberry Custard, Berry Tart and Apple Pie. All these flavours infuse loving nostalgia with complex flavour blends.

Summer Holiday

Kick back and relax with these juicy fruit flavours from the Dinner Lady vape brand. Here you have another type of nostalgia, the kind that comes in between school terms and often leads to a healthy tan.