Pod mods vs. box mods – or the benefits of both?

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As with many pieces of electronic equipment that are similar to each another, it’s all too easy to compare and contrast different e-cig devices and, in your mind at least, set them against one other – yes, for instance, pod mods versus box mods. But is it fair? Is it the right thing to do?

Well, using these two bits of vaping kit as an example; no, it’s not really. And that’s because, although they fundamentally do the same thing, they do it in deliberately different ways – they are designed to have separate, specific strengths; arguably to appeal to and satisfy different kinds of vaper. In which case, let’s take a look at the benefits of both – and why either might just be the e-cig solution to buy from a vapor shop UK for exactly the vaper you are… or want to be.

What’s a pod mod?

Often referred to as ‘e-cig pods’ or ‘vape pods’, pod mods have become popular at the very recent end of the vaping phenomenon. Effectively, they’re something of a middle ground between a standard-ish e-cigarette and a mod (either ‘box’ or ‘mech’). And that means that, with a pod mod, you won’t entirely make the leap away from stable, prefilled cartridges to all the flashing lights, buttons, coils, refillable tanks and bells and whistles of a mod.

What are the benefits of a pod mod?

Benefits-wise then, pod mods retain all the convenience of conventional e-cigs, but offer some of the more advanced features of a mod (temperature control, fairly powerful throat-hits and fast battery-charging). They’re also fantastically convenient; unlike whole-hogged mods, which require you to carry around bottles of e-juice, pod mods enable you just to snap in and out their small pods of liquid (which also means you don’t have to become concerned with flavours potentially mixing in a tank/ atomiser) – great news if you’re in transit. Additionally, they’re streamlined things that take up little space in a pocket or a bag; so easy to carry about with you then.

What’s a box mod?

As noted above, a box mod is an advanced variation on a more standard e-cigarette. It’s fair to say that a mod can do more than a mere vape pen or pod mod; they enable the user to control the temperature at which the e-liquid is heated and turned into vapour; they come complete with a wattage control, which means the user can customise the vapour hit and flavour and optimise the throat hit; plus, they have storage space for external batteries, ensuring a vaper can quickly switch batteries over so they’re not tempted to move back to tobacco-filled ciggies for their hit.

What are the benefits of a box mod?

In addition to their benefits outlined above, it’s worth looking at what they do (and don’t do) against their nearest relative in the vaping device family – the ‘mech mod’. Box mods and mech mods are best distinguished from each other when you consider the other terms they’re commonly known by – regulated mods (box mods) and unregulated mods (mech mods).

Taking mech mods first then, the ‘unregulated’ moniker refers to the fact they enable very liberal experimentation and customisation on the part of the vaper, in that they won’t curtail battery power should the device’s battery resistance level (in ohms) be set too low or should its battery power (wattage) be set too high for safe vaping. Conversely, although a ‘regulated’ box mod allows for a good deal of free-style vaping (if you will), it will cut the power if resistance is too low or power is too high – or if the battery’s about to run out of power naturally. Therefore, you can play around with and vape exactly as you wish via a box mod, but with peace of mind you’ll always be doing so safely.

Popular box mods

So, if you’re interested in browsing through – or maybe purchasing – a box mod, here’s a selection of the range available through us at Washington Vapes:

  • Asmodus Minikin V2 180W – stylish, thanks to its pseudo reflective-cum-cool psychedelic skin, the V2 is an upgrade on Minikin’s Asmodos V1.5, as it comes complete with a touchscreen
  • IJoy Captain PD270 – a powerful (max 234W), but stable device that offers long-lasting performance, this mod nattily enables users to switch batteries via a single adapter; it can also download firmware updates via a micro USB port
  • Xomo GT Laser 255s 150W –translucent but also manufactured from stainless steel (so durable as well as fashionable), this mod’s blessed with resistance as low as 0.1Ω and capable of power up to 150W, while also offering built-in LED lights and a laser; cool beans!
  • Vandy Vape Pulse BF – a lightweight bottom-feeder (or ‘squonk’) mod on which a decent rebuildable digital atomiser (RDA) should fit and not look out of place and which offers a spring-loaded 510 connecter and a nicely sized, attractive fire button, with an internal-locking switch for safety
  • Geekvape Aegis 100W TC – capable of firing as low as 0.05Ω and reaching as high as 100W, this box mod contains advanced LSR-injection-moulding technology to ensure it’s not just dustproof but waterproof and shockproof too
  • VooPoo Drag 157 TC – incredibly stylish but durable as well and featuring a 32-bit US gene chip, this box mod is firmware-upgradable and offers a ‘super mode’, which becomes activated below 157W of power, and can be fired in a fantastic 0.025 seconds!

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