Our Picks For CBD Flavours

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CBD is relatively new on the vape scene. So, no one would blame you for not knowing the ins and outs.

CBD or cannabidiol if you want to get technical, is a derivative chemical of the marijuana plant which has therapeutic benefits without any of the psychoactive and harmful effects of the better-known chemical in cannabis, THC. These oils were originally designed for use as a medical treatment but have found a new market in the vaping world. With many people using it for its relaxing effects and others simply for the smooth earthy taste, there are plenty of reasons to invest in CBD oils. At Washington Vapes we have a wide range you can choose from, and all with their own unique blends and chemical makeups. For the best CBD vape e liquids, there’s plenty of options at Washington Vapes and their UK vape shops.

CBD FX Blue Raspberry 30 ml

CBD FX blue raspberry is a 30 ml CBD fantasy which brings the nostalgic taste of blue raspberry candy into a blend with CBD flavours which intensifies and compliments the heady blue raspberry bite. In these easy to use 30 ml bottles, you’ll find a a nicotine free treat which will attract even the most demanding of flavour connoisseurs. Sourced from organic hemp farms and created in cGMP certified facilities, these juices are infused with 99 percent CBD crystals. With this great mix

CBD FX Hemp Cream

This unique product, although not a vape liquid, is still a must for any CBD lover. The iconic CBD company FX have created this organic hemp creamfor your pains and aches. The sumptuous smelling hemp mix brings a pharmacist endorsed mix of CBD, white willow and caffeine. Stimulating aches and pain relief, this natural remedy is easy to use and a great alternative to any over the counter pain cream.

CBD Leaf 1000mg Frozen Blackcurrant & Lychee

Made with 99.5 % pure CBD crystals, this 50 ml bottle amounts to a 1000 mg concentration of CBD, bringing a relaxing and fresh taste to your vaping experience. With Lychee and blackcurrant added to an icy afternote, you can be sure to find a unique and refreshing vape experience in this CBD vape juice. This beautiful vape juice is one for both CBD and gourmet vape flavour lovers.

CBD Leaf 1000mg Giggly Grapes 50 ml

Another perfect vape juice for the fruity flavour lovers out there, the CBD Leaf 1000 mg grape flavoured CBD juice form CBD Leaf is a moreish feat for the senses. Made with 99.5 % pure CBD crystals, this 50 ml bottle is the perfect addition to your CBD collection.

CBD Leaf 1000mg Ice Menthol Madness 50 ml

Refresh those taste buds with another menthol flavour from CBD Leaf, one of the leading companies in the cannabidiol game. With a minty menthol blast with each inhale, this 99.5 %pure CBD infused vape juice is a must for the first time CBD vape and veteran alike. With easy to use 50 ml bottles and the perfect PG/VG balance, you’ll be vaping all week.

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