Nic salts and free base: what’s the difference?

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In recent years, nic salts have changed the rules regarding how we ingest nicotine. So, what’s the difference between freebase and these new innovations?

Since Phillip Morris worked out the key to creating freebase nicotine in their cigarettes back in the 1960’s they have been at the top of the tobacco game. This has been the case since very recently when vape innovators found the next step in nicotine intake technology, the nicotine salt method. Whilst only recently have vape device begun to cater for this new nicotine composition in liquids, it has quickly caught on and for good reason. No longer is freebase nicotine the most satisfying way to vape your favourite juice, and now you can find a wide range of companies in the vape industry catering to this new and exciting method of vaping.

What is freebase nicotine

Before we can explore the innovations of nicotine salts, it’s a good idea to explore just how its predecessor works.

With freebase nicotine, you can expect to find nicotine transported into its various vehicles in its purest form. This means that when heated, it is far more powerful than any other form, being taken into your system far faster. This was a method which Phillip Morris adopted in the 1960’s, to keep ahead of the competition and part of the reason for this is that they unlocked the formula to change the salt-based nicotine composition. Through adding ammonia, nicotine particles will revert from its salt form and turn into a freebase. This makes it easier to ingest and far more potent. Through adding salts like diammonium to the nicotine salt, you’re creating a hard-hitting version of nicotine.

What is nicotine salt?

Although nicotine salt, in its natural form is not as potent and more difficult to ingest than normal tobacco, it has been tampered with by vape innovators Pax Labs in a bid to up the nicotine content in vape juice without effecting the pleasure gained. In its freebase form, 50 mg of nicotine would be rather unpalatable. The way they managed this was through the addition of benzoic acid to vape juice. Benzoic acid’s presence means that no longer does nic salt require unrealistically high temperatures to vape, but instead can be inhaled at far lower temperatures. On top of this, the benzoic acid means that your body will find it far easier to absorb the nicotine than it would in nicotine salts unevolved form.

In turn, this means that nic salts can make vaping far more satisfying for the ex-smoker who requires more nicotine intake. The device will cater to this user and mean that their vaping experience will be far more satisfying, making the most out of every milligram in their vape e liquid.

What should you choose?

So what is the best e liquid for the beginner vaper and the seasoned one? Each type has its pros and cons.

Freebase positives

The positives of freebase e liquid are that if you are looking for a satisfying hit of nicotine in your liquid at a lower content level, then this method of ingestion will more than compensate. The fact that it has been used for over half a century is a testament to this fact.

Freebase Negatives

The problem for those using e cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool is that heavy smokers will no doubt be unsatisfied with the low levels of nicotine in their freebase e juices. This means that many smokers may be repelled from taking up the far healthier habit, and therefore a great number of the customer base may be lost due to nicotine levels being way too low to satisfy them. To get what they need out of vape devices, heavy nicotine users may need to vape more, and therefore spend more money.

Nicotine salt

That’s where nicotine salts come in. With their hassle free and easy to use devices, goshgamig salt based vape devices are great for both vape veterans and beginners alike. On top of this, you can expect higher nicotine levels, helping those transitioning from smoking tobacco to really enjoy their vape hit with less bite and nicotine based unpleasantness. With the nicotine salt-based flavours, you can expect a smoother taste with less of nicotine’s intrusiveness, especially when it comes to those throat hits. Furthermore, the addition of more nicotine per bottle of e liquid means that you’ll end up spending less money on vape juice in general.


So, when it comes to the crunch, the new innovations of nicotine salts means that those who like their nicotine light and those who like it heavier, can enjoy smoother vape inhales and a less costly habit. With new innovations to nicotine salts soon to come, the industry is still evolving, so watch this space for future developments.

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