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New To Vaping? Here Are Some Common Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Vaping seems like a daunting prospect to those who are new to it. With so many devices, so many flavours and so many regulations coming through concerning the growing craze, you’d be forgiven for getting confused or having a few stumbles during your humble beginnings as a vape novice. When it comes down to it, vaping is simple, and many Vape Shops will have customer assistants at hand to help you deal with any problems you may have. On top of this, many vape products come with instruction manuals and tips as to how make your experience as pleasurable as possible. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of some common mistakes made by vape novices.


Avoiding low quality e cigarettes

With so many on the market, picking the right e-cigarette can be very difficult indeed. People may go for the easy option and choose the cheapest device in the shop due to this reason. Equally, first time vape buyers may be wooed by flashy details which in reality, add nothing to the experience. Before you buy your vape device, make sure you’ve done research into the product. Look at what the reviews are to avoid cheap devices which break after one puff and flashy expensive devices which are way overpriced.

Cotton Mouth

Cotton mouth is also known as the age -old smokers worry of dry mouth. Smoking uses up your saliva, meaning that vaping does too. Always make sure you keep hydrated whilst vaping so that you can return to your favourite hobby without your mouth turning into a desert.

Forgetting to charge

Unless using a disposable e-cigarette, you’ll need to recharge your vape batteries after a while. Portable chargers are now on the market which make it even easier to charge on go. USB chargers and portable devices make it even easier not to have to worry about your vape device’s battery life. Many of those new to vaping may forget about this fact and it’s even easier to forget to turn off your vape device whilst not using it. This will ruin your vape device’s battery life and may make your vape run for less time in the future as the battery steadily runs out.

Dry Hits

When you’ve run out of e-juice and your smoking the remnants of heated water vapour, this is known as a dry hit and is very distressing indeed. Not getting a hit, and therefore satisfaction, is always a frustrating feeling so always make sure that you have a reserve of e-juice or at the very least, a full tank when you start your day.

Too little or too much nicotine

Everyone’s tolerance to nicotine is different. One person’s perfection may be another person’s puking cue. Making sure that you know your perfect amount of nicotine content, anywhere up to 20 mg is essential to enjoying your vaping experience. There are even vape juices which have no nicotine in them. In general, it’s recommended that heavy smokers (20 or more cigarettes a day) use 18 mg liquids. Medium (10-20) smokers should use 12 mg liquids whilst light smokers use 3 mg liquids.

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