Making The Switch In 2019? How To Make Vaping A Successful New Year’s Resolution

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New year, new you; so the saying goes. Yes, many of us like to throw ourselves into New Year’s resolutions – they’re the perfect opportunity for renewal and pointing ourselves in a direction we’d rather be going in. And, should that direction be giving vaping ago (especially, say, if you’re looking to try and quit tobacco-packed cigarettes), what better time to get going with it than the upcoming New Year?

Now, that’s all very well, but just how to go about it so it actually works; so you’re actually committed to it and stick at it? What you need is a few tips that’ll see you right if you’re unsure, as a total novice, of exactly what you should be doing…

What’s right for you?

The variety and level of choice available in the vaping world are extensive, to say the least. To be able to choose with confidence between which products you wish to use and, therefore, buy, requires working out just what sort of vaper you are first. You’ll find on our website, for instance, a plethora of different detail on the type of e-cig devices and their assorted accessories and, of course, about all the different vape juices available (as well as the opportunity to buy them, often in an e liquid sale). Finding the right kind of device and the right e-liquid to complement it (which’ll offer flavours you enjoy) will define exactly the vaping experience you enjoy most. You’ll need to experiment before you really know what you like.

Plan your early vaping

When you’re embarking on something new, it’s never a bad idea to think it through and try to plan how you’re going to approach what’s in front of you – if you can. So, if you’ve any idea how often you think you’re likely to want to use your e-cig device that you’ve bought from a vapour shop UKas you start out vaping (and, should you be looking to vape as an alterative to smoking, maybe with a fairly sizeable nicotine-comprising collection of e-juices, at least at first, you may well have a fairly good idea), you might want to start planning your vaping rituals day-by-day to help you get used to the new activity. Especially if it is going to replace something so commonplace as smoking.

Moreover, it’s advisable to try, as much as possible, to use your e-cig device when its tank or clearomiser is full, as doing so is good practice for the device; it’ll likely last longer that way than if you use it in a bitty way during a day – leaving e-juice in a (more than) half-empty tank for many hours.

Do you know anyone else who vapes?

If so, this could definitely ease you into vaping as an activity; after all, it’s so much easier doing something and getting used to it with someone else doing it too at your side; let alone someone who’s actually experienced at it already and can show you the ropes. Indeed, it could even be that your vaping mate is someone who’s actually convinced you to get into vaping or to make the switch to it from smoking, or it’s simply a friend or an acquaintance who’s a long-time vaper or someone looking to get into vaping along with you. It doesn’t matter; it can make a difference if there’s someone with you at the start of your journey.

What sort of difference? Well, it means that there’s someone to troubleshoot issues and problems with as you swap stories. And that can be invaluable to help you feel more comfortable as a vaper – as well as put you on the right path quicker, when things don’t go quite to plan.

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