Keeping Your Coil In Good Condition

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Coils are one of the most crucial components in a vape device, making them important to keep in good nick.

Vape devices simply wouldn’t work without these dinky pieces of metal. Coils come in all shapes and sizes and act as the main artery for the electricity inside a vape device, modulating the resistance flowing through your vape device. Put simply, a vape device won’t work without a coil, whilst you will almost definitely have to replace them every month or so, you can make sure that the change around isn’t weekly by following a few simple steps.

Cleaning your coil

Like with all other parts of the vape device, the coil will need to be cleaned occasionally. This will ensure its longevity and that there is no excess dirt and gunk slowly building up around the component. With rebuildable mods, you can take apart your deck and wash each individual part of the vape device. The coil can be taken out and should be wiped clean of any excess juices before washing. When you have wiped it clean, it is time to soak it in warm water or, if you have it to hand, some pure alcohol, such as grain alcohols or ethanol. After a good soak, you can dry the coil and place it back into the vape device. All vape devices will be different in the way that they are rebuilt, so follow the instructions on each individual pack.

Avoiding a burnt coil

Even the best in e liquid wholesale suppliers won’t be able to provide vape juices which don’t taste terrible with a burnt coil. There are a wide range of reasons you should avoid a burnt coil hit, not least because of it being a waste of vape juice.

With a burnt coil, you might find that there is less vapour production, as well as lower power. This can waste vape juice and battery life, whilst also tasting terrible. The vape juice which runs through the device will not heat up properly and will instead cook and congeal on the coil. This can lead to a build-up of gunk which has the potential of creating “spitback”. Spitback is what happens when vape juice boils instead of vaporises and spits out of the device.

Don’t overhit

One way to minimise the damage to your coil is to ensure that you don’t hold down the power button for too long. The same amount of vape juice will run through your device regardless of how long you hold the power button for. Too much electricity can overheat the coil and lead to the metal oxidising faster. With sub ohm vape devices, you won’t need to hold the button down for too long to get a great vape cloud.

Don’t dry hit

Unless you are powering up your device or getting the juice moving from the tank to the atomiser, dry hits will merely waste battery and lower the life expectancy of your coil. Make sure that you are vaping with a full tank, as opposed to an empty one.

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