Is A Short Fill E Liquid Right For Me?

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Short fill e liquids are rising in popularity, and for good reason as well.

Ever since the introduction of the TPD laws, vapers are looking for ways to get more nicotine out of their vape juices. The answer seems to be in short fill vape e liquids. These juices come in bigger bottles than the pre filled regulations allow and give you a chance to explore higher nicotine levels as well as mixing your own flavours.

How does a short fill work?

A short fill e liquid bottle is a bottle which can reach anything up to 120 mls, and is filled with vape juice to between 60 and 80 percent of the bottle. This means that you can add your own contents to the mix, whether that be nicotine concentrations or another juice or if you’re getting really DIY, a mix of the two. This gives cloudchasers a chance to explore the different combinations and strengths which attract so many vapers, reflecting the hands on and do it yourself approach so prevalent in the vaping community.

Adding your own nicotine

Vape liquids are often difficult to get right when it comes to finding the perfect nicotine content. That’s why short fill vape liquids cater those who can’t quite find a level which is to their satisfaction, allowing you to add your own nicotine level to suit your needs. This could be a level between two of the prefilled levels, or could be far stronger than the TPD laws allow.

You can buy a nicotine concentrate solution from most good vape shops, and using a pipette, place one or two drops into your short fill. For details on how to measure your nicotine shots in your short fill bottles to find your perfect solution, just ask in store.

Adding your own mixes – the steeping process

The steeping process is reserved for short fill bottles in to which you’ve added your own vape juices. This is the process in which, after adding your mix of vape juices, you then have to give it a few days to sit and “steep”, much like the fermenting process for a good spirit or wine. The steeping process can last for hours or even weeks, depending on the juices you are trying to mix. A good indicator of a fully steeped juice is whether the e liquid has darkened or not. The darker the liquid, the further through the steeping process it has come.

Is it for you?

Short fills aren’t for everyone, here are some of the ways you can work out if you’re a short fill squaddy or a pre fill pro.


Short fills allow you to let your creativity roam free. With vaping already a seemingly endless sea of options, short fills allow you to tailor make your favourite juices, bringing a whole new dimension to the vaping process. In the long run, you’ll be saving money as well, and reusing bottles can be very eco friendly indeed.


Short fills take time. If you need a quick fix then a pre fill is probably the way to go, especially if you haven’t explored the options regarding flavour and nicotine strength, as getting your concentrations wrong can be very unpleasant indeed.

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