How To Travel With Your Vape Device

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You’d think that travelling and vaping would go hand in hand. And whilst it can be simple, there are a few things you must ensure to travel safely and within the law.

So, you’re at the airport and about to go through the x ray machine. You’re looking forward to having a good session on your vape device once your through in the waiting area. It is only then that the security officers rifle through your hand luggage to find your vape device, claiming that it will have to be left behind! What a start to a trip! The problem is that with vape devices and travelling, there are a set of rules which many will let pass over their heads due to the lax attitude towards e liquid in the UKHere are a few tips for travelling and vaping which will keep your journey as smooth as a hit from your best vape device.

Keep your vape device in your cargo luggage or in your overhead compartment

Many airlines have recently heightened and tightened their laws on what can and can’t be brought on board a plane. Whilst liquids have been restricted to 100 ml, electronic devices such as vape devices and chargers have been restricted on board due to their potentially interfering with flight controls and the security implications that they bring with them. The fact of the matter is that your best bet is not to bring your vape device or related paraphernalia on board the plane with you.

Countries laws on vaping differ dramatically

There are many differing laws on vaping from country to country. Some are completely lax about them and welcome their use as an alternative to smoking with open arms. Other countries forbid them completely, sometimes on penalty of imprisonment. With this in mind, it is best to check up on how the country your visiting and their views on the devices. Although more and more countries are opening up to the idea, there’s still some way to go before vape devices are universally accepted.

Some planes sell their own vape devices

Some airlines won’t allow you to bring vape devices on board but do sell their own heat not burn devices. With companies such as Ryanair investing, there are now other plane companies following suit. This means that if you’re especially craving nicotine, there is a range of devices on board which are regulated by the airline and allow you to scratch that itch.

Be conscious of those around you

Like with vaping anywhere else, whatever country your in, even if in a smoking area, be conscious of those around you. not everyone wants vapour blown in their face, even if it’s a delicious smelling flavour. With that in mind, be mindful of other people’s countries and cultures. There are billions of people out there, and they all have their own opinions, likes and dislikes. If in doubt about whether you can vape or not in a certain place, just ask.

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