How To Choose The Best Vape Device

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Everyone’s tastes are different and finding the perfect vape device can be a difficult decision, especially with more and more to choose from.

Vaping has hit the mainstream, meaning that more and more companies are investing in vape juices and devices, leading to a wider choice with a huge number of variables. This means that when choosing your devices, you have a lot to think about. One person’s perfection may be another’s worst nightmare, meaning that it’s up to you to decide what you want from your vape.

What type of device to choose

With so many different varieties on the market it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Your nicotine intake, how new you are to the hobby and how much your willing to spend are all variables when choosing your vape.

Vape pens

Usually in the mid-sized range, wedged between cig-a-likes and larger vape devices, the vape pen is inexpensive with a smaller tank and simple use. These devices are probably best for those who have been vaping for a little while but prefer, or are comfortable with something simpler than a pernickety and complicated Vape device. The one problem for seasoned vapers is that vape pens don’t give the best power, biggest cloud or strongest flavours. Vape pens are best for the mid-level vape user, or those looking to step up from being a beginner.

Mechanical Vape devices

These devices are highly customisable, large and powerful when it comes to vape clouds and allow vapers to mod their devices. These DIY extras are customisable and give the user complete freedom to change their wicks, coils and tanks. On top of this, many larger devices are sub ohm, meaning that their power is greater and highly customisable. On the down side, these devices do use a lot of battery and vape juice so is best used by those vape a lot or are willing to invest their time.


These devices are often the most regularly used as smoking cessation devices. This is because of they can fall into the reusable or refillable categories and look the most like every day cigarettes. The devices are simple to use, with no button nor adjustable power setting, mostly being used for the nicotine hit more than the flavour or satisfaction. Therefore, it is used most commonly to stop people from smoking as the flavour and vape hit are nowhere near as large as vape pens or mechanical devices.

RTA’s or RDA’s?

Instead of using a tank, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers use a well to absorb the e-liquid and means that the user must drop a few drops of vape e juice onto the coils every few drags of the vape. This type of atomizer is great for those who want a customisable and flavour enhanced experience, but does require the user to keep seeing to the RDA itself, which can feel like a faff to some people.

RTA’s or Rebuildable Tank Atomizers is the most common to be sued and allows users to easily refill their e liquid. The only difference between these and normal atomizers is that you have to build your own wicks and coils, meaning you have power over the resistance and power your coils bring to the table. Over time, this will save you money on vape juice and battery recharging.

These two customisable ways of building and using atomizers are for those who are long term vapers, but is good to look into as a beginner for further down the road in your vaping lifetime.

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