How Do I Stop My Vapers Cough?

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Vapers cough is rather annoying. Although only rare, it can act as a sign that you may have to change your mixes and vaping habits. Whilst vaping is 98 percent less unhealthy than smoking, vapers cough is still one of those worrisome ailments which most people would like rid of. Whether it’s out of embarrassment at being a veteran vaper and still coughing, or because you’re simply new to the game, there are plenty of ways you can decrease your chances of vapers cough and still enjoy your vape flavours.

Why do you cough when you vape?

Coughing whilst vaping can come down to several factors. It could simply be that you are vaping with concentrate levels which are too high for your tolerance, or that you are new to vaping itself. When it comes down to it, your body will react instinctively with a cough when put into contact with a foreign body. Vapour, as a foreign body your lungs aren’t used, will be expelled through a cough. On one level this may be embarrassing, on another it shows that your body is working as it should.

Lower your PG

One of these “foreign bodies” which your body could be reacting to is the PG level in your vape e liquidThe propylene glycol is one of two compounds on which vape juice is built on and is responsible for the flavour and nicotine in your vape juice. Higher PG vape juices will also lead to bigger throat hits, more likely to induce coughs. Vape juices higher in vegetable glycerine are often cooler and milder on the throat.

Lower your wattage

Lower your vape device’s wattage so that you are vaping with less power. This means that you will be vaping smaller vape clouds, but more manageable amounts. Higher wattage means more heat in your hit, leading to a bigger risk of coughing.

Lower your nicotine levels

Nicotine hits act in the same way as throat hits do, and everyone has a different tolerance. Experiment with the amount of nicotine in your vape juice as there’s a wide range of concentrations to choose from, ranging from 3 mg to 20 mg per 10 ml bottle.

Try a different vaping style

There are two main vaping styles. Cigalikes and lower powered devices use mouth to lung vaping, which mimics cigarettes in that you inhale vapour into the mouth before you do the lungs. On the other hand, direct to lung vaping is more likely to cause coughing fits as you breathe in the vape juice straight into your lungs, much like inhaling air from a balloon.

Keep hydrated

Dry throats can cause coughs. Inhaling vapour can lead to dehydration due to the ingredients in vape juice absorbing moisture from the mouth. When vaping, make sure you have plenty of water nearby, especially on a warm day!

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