How Bad Storage Affects E Liquid Quality

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There are  many ways that e liquid can be spoiled, bad storage methods is just one of them.

 Storing your e liquid improperly can lead to a range of disastrous consequences. We all know how some e liquids need to be steeped, in the same way that a good bottle of wine needs to be kept, sometimes for years. Whilst no one would be expected to store their e liquid for that long, storage methods are still important when it comes to getting the perfect vape juice. If you’re looking to refine your vaping tastes, here are a few tips of what not to do.

Don’t heat your e liquid

 When objects and liquids are heated up, it makes the molecules within that substance move and interact faster. The way that heat spreads is through these molecules interacting and moving faster and so when a liquid is heated up, chemical reactions happen faster. If there’s one thing you don’t want perfectly good vape juice doing, it’s going through chemical processes through being heated up. This may make it evaporate before you’ve vaped it or it could even lead to it not heating up properly when inside your vape device. One thing’s for sure, if the vape juice at your UK vape storehas been heated too much beyond room temperature, stay clear of it.

 Air and your e liquid

 Oxygen is the key ingredient here. If your e liquid is exposed to too much oxygen, it will start to oxidise. This is when your liquid loses two hydrogen atoms and gains an oxygen one. This will mean that there is less nicotine in your e liquid, the reaction taking away the molecules which carry it. Of course, this means that too much air exposure will weaken the strength of your e liquid.

 Light and your e liquid

 Exposure to UV rays and light will lead to similar processes occurring within the e liquid. The UV rays will heat and add molecules to the e liquid and will weaken the nicotine content within your juice.

All of the above reasons are why e liquids are stored in cool dry places, away from light, heat and other elements.

 Freezing your e liquid

 The problem with long term storage is that in the EU this year, glass bottles are going to be banned. The problem with this is that they are the better bottle for long term vape juice freezing due to their membrane not being permeable, or allowing molecules to pass through. Unlike glass, plastic bottles allow molecules to pass through when the juice is frozen and so over a longer period of time, even when frozen, the juice can oxidise. If you want to store your e liquid for a longer period of time, then a glass container and a fridge will do the trick. If you can’t find or it’s against the law in your country to use a glass bottle to store vape juices, then make sure you find a higher quality plastic bottle.

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