Hitting the Nicotine Off Button: Zero-Nicotine E-Liquid Options

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Although the vaping industry, its market and, therefore, the very people who keep it going and always moving – the vapers themselves – are evolving, maturing, diversifying and ever-increasing, it remains true that the primary gateway into trying out a vape and eventually becoming an e-cig enthusiast is, first and foremost, is to be a smoker looking for something that might just genuinely prove the catalyst to get off the ciggies for good and quit your tobacco habit.

To that end, ex-smokers as a rule, pretty much, require a decent nicotine content in the e-liquids they vape early on in their vaping journey – otherwise, how else will they be able to get off tobacco (and get away from all its highly harmful toxins and carcinogens) if they’re not getting their much-needed nicotine fix from another source?

But things change. And as vaping does its work and plays a decisive role in turning would-be-ex-smokers into full-bloodied ex-smokers, such vapers can happily turn their vaper-happy attentions to other aspects of the activity – such as trying out as many of the different flavours as possible and, yes, trying to wean themselves off the addictive nicotine still present in their every puff on their e-cig. And, should they do both at the same time, there’s every change they might reach their goal of regularly enjoying vaping e-juices with no nicotine whatsoever – with such e-fluids it is, indeed then, often all about the flavour. Actually, you shouldn’t doubt that for a second, for here are some of the examples of great no-nicotine premium e-liquid available right now to browse through and purchase at Washington Vapes…

Soul Juice Swing (50ml)

Featuring an irresistible blackcurrant flavour that’s infused with terrific touches of eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol, this e-liquid’s precisely the one to go for should you be looking for a vape that’s as fruity as it is refreshing; as tantalising for the taste buds as it is cooling and comforting for your throat and breath. Comprising a 70 percent/ 30 percent ratio in terms of vegetable glycol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), this e-fluid, make no mistake, puts the emphasis on fantastic flavour – and a very fruity one, at that.

FAR Pineapple Bliss (100ml)

If you prefer your fruity flavours with a little more tang and zest, then this e-liquid’s sublime fusion of pineapple with succulent mango and a blend of various sweet berries is, for sure, an unrivalled route to vape taste satisfaction. Indeed, to try this concoction could be, you might find, your nicotine-free gateway to that paradisal tropical island – at least for your senses! As for the vegetable glycerin/ propylene glycol mixture, the ratio works out at 75 percent/ 25 percent, so no wonder flavour’s once again the key selling point with this e-fluid!

Glas Sugar Cookies (50ml)

Ah, sweet, doughy, supremely tasting cookies… who can resist them? If you’re cookie monster then, don’t doubt it, Glas’s Sugar Cookies e-juice flavour’s tailor-made for your taste buds, its flavour’s so delicious it’ll convince you your vape’s fresh come from the oven! Giving the awesome impression of warm, buttery cookie dough that’s glazed with golden-brown sugary caramel and topped off a twist of sumptuous cinnamon and marvellous nutmeg – you’ll probably fancy a glass of milk after your vape with which to wash it all down! It offers a vegetable glycerin/ propylene glycol ratio of 70 percent/ 30 percent; perfect for enhancing and, yes, tasting the fulness and richness of the delicious flavour.

FAR Candy Punch

Fruity flavours are on the menu once again and, make no mistake, this vape e liquid really packs a ‘punch’ in the taste stakes. No question; it’s big on the rainbow-range of candy deliciousness; its ambition – and achievement – being that it’ll doubtless shower your palate with a whole array of different, perfectly mixed flavours that make an intoxicating blend. On the agenda here then is a terrifically sweet, colourful but refreshing and alive fruit-enlivened taste to experience with every vaping puff – just the e-juice then to turn to should you fancy reliving those fruity sweets and candies that once upon a time intoxicated your taste buds back in those childhood years of yore.

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