Five Reasons To Switch To Vaping

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With smoking on the decline, vaping has become one of the most popular alternatives out there. Here are some of the reasons why.

Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking out there, and there are plenty of reasons why. With so many vaping shops opening up around the world, selling many e  juice’s in the UK especially, we are faced with a snowballing craze which has a dedicated following behind it. So, why have so many people in the past few years turned from smoking to vaping in such a short period of time? It seems that over a quarter of e-cigarette users are ex-smokers, so what is the draw to vaping and vape liquid which has attracted so many former tobacco users?


One of the main draws to vaping is the flexibility of the habit. With the smoking ban in doors coming into effect quite a while ago in the UK now, vaping has risen in popularity as there are more places you can use them. For instance, it wouldn’t be surprising to lose your job for smoking inside the office, but when it comes to vaping, there are now offices which allow you to vape indoors with permission. A reason for this is that with vaping you don’t have to worry about passive smoking, as very little of the nicotine ingredients are present in the exhale. This is great news for vapers who are looking to vape on the go and are worried about its effects on the people around them. Of course, it would be highly obnoxious to vape in a non-vapers face, but this is just common sense.

Five Reasons To Switch To Vaping - Tobacco Product Laws

Tobacco Product Laws

Earlier this year saw more stringent laws come into place on Tobacco and its related products. This has meant that prices have increased drastically, as well as intense tobacco health warnings. Vaping however still retains its prime branding which makes it so memorable and although there have been effects on the market of vaping from the TPD laws; they have still come out better than tobacco has. Although there are restrictions on nicotine content and refill cartons, the prices still amount to far less than that of tobacco. Nerd Wallet estimated a pack a day tobacco smoker to spend $2569 a year whilst the vaping equivalent would be $1387.

Sense of community

Not only is vaping objectively cheaper than smoking, you will feel far less alienated by it. The vaping community is so welcoming you even have bar like areas in the vape shops where you buy vape e juice. These areas allow you to socialise with fellow vapers and discuss the latest products and innovations. On top of this, the trend of vaping competitions is growing exponentially, meaning that communities come together to show the best vape blowing tricks, not to mention the fascinating mods, some of which are pieces of art in themselves

A vast range of products

In 2014, there was an estimated 460 brands of e cigarettes and 7700 flavours, according to Vice. That was now three years ago, and as many of us are aware, technology snowballs very quickly indeed. If those were the numbers now, just think of how much more popular vaping has become since 2014, which feels like ancient history.

Safer than Smoking

Last year researchers recognised by Cancer Research UK recognised vaping as being at the very least 95 percent safer than smoking. This is due to the mere handful of ingredients in vape juice as opposed to the hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco smoke. Even the fire department in London has promoted vaping as a safer alternative in terms of deaths by fires in the city!

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