Filling And Refilling Your Vape Device

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Understanding your vape device and the kind of tank it has is vital for a good vape session. Vape devices come in many shapes and sizes, leading to a range of upkeep routines and special tricks to keep them in check. The tank, pod or cartomizers which equip the vape device with e liquid, all come with their own pros and cons, reflecting the wide range of device styles out there and all have their own needs. Some are better for beginners than others, whilst like the many flavours of vape e juice, trying and testing will help you to find what suits your needs as a vaper.

So, what are the different types of containers to administer your vape juices and how do they work?

Vape tanks

Vape tanks are the most commonly used vape juice receptacles. These are containers which are built into the vape device and can be taken off for washing. These tanks are usually a maximum of 2 ml and are found on most standard vape devices. Vape tanks can come in many shapes and are fitted to many different devices, alongside being made of a wide range of materials.


The great thing about the vape tank is that they cater to pretty much every vape juice. Buying your vape juices from a different brand to the device gives you the freedom to pick and mix, giving you the chance to vape how you like and ensure maximum satisfaction. With a vape tank, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to vaping.


One problem with the vape tank is that it adds weight and size to your device. If your device is already hefty due to it being high powered, a vape tank won’t make things better. Alongside this is the problem of reusability. A tank may go through several different vape e liquids before it is washed. If not fastened to the device correctly, leaks can also occur in the vape tank.

How to fill a vape tank

A vape tank can be filled by a syringe. Open the feed hole for the vape tank and fill the pipette or syringe with vape juice. The siphon the vape juice into the tank until almost full. Close the vape tank and take a few dry hits to saturate the vape juice in the atomiser and get the system in full flow.


Cartomizers are either refillable or disposable and are removable pods which you clip onto your vape device.


Cartomizer vape juices are often made using nic salts, which make the vape juice far more potent in its nicotine use. The lack of a tank also means that the device is more lightweight and discreet, ensuring maximum flexibility for travel.


A disposable cartomizer often means that you are limited to only a few flavours of vape juice. Due to the brand nature of the “pods” coming alongside the device, there are often only a few to choose from, unlike the almost limitless possibilities of the refillable vape tank world. Disposable cartridges are often wasteful as well.

How to fill an empty cartomizer

Empty cartomizers can be opened by using a pin or thumb tack to carefully pull the white disc slide opening to one side. Whilst holding the cartomizer at a 45-degree angle, drip a few drops of e liquid into the opening. Every drop should have you rotate the cartomizer, ensuring that the vape juice is absorbed by the white filling inside. Close the cartomizer and let it stand and saturate for a few minutes.


Drippers are vape devices, which instead of using a tank or a cartomizer, have you siphon vape juice directly onto the atomiser and wicking cotton.


This process can mean that you save space and have a n arguably purer vape taste. This is because the vape juice doesn’t have to travel from its receptacle to the atomiser, instead being dripped directly onto the wicking cotton. This means that it’s easier on the go, saving space and time. This also means that you have more space for sub ohm and low resistance materials.


On the subject of time, the dripper will have to be dripped on again after about 20 to 30 vape hits. This means that if you’re into chain vaping, you’ll have to take a lot more time out to refill your vape device.

How to fill a dripper

Drippers are easy to fill up. Simply open the hole above the atomiser in your device and siphon a few drops of vape juice in there. If the vape device is empty at the time, you will have to let it stand for a few minutes whilst the vape juice saturates into the device.

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