Fast, Easy And Safe: Why Vaping’s Favoured By CBD Consumers

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There’s no getting away from it; vaping has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years – to an almost dizzying degree. And, aside from the fact vapers themselves are a common sight on streets throughout the world, a good indicator of its phenomenal popularity is that, more and more, it’s being turned to for consuming cannabidiol-infused ingredients.

What’s the big deal here? Well, in recent years, it’s become increasingly obvious vaping’s one of the most effective ways that, via specialist e-cig devices, people can swiftly, safely, easily and entirely legally administer themselves regular doses of cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce – or, at least, control – the symptoms of long-standing chronic illnesses; whether physical or emotional.

The reason for this is, due to inhalation, CBD finds its way almost instantly into the body’s bloodstream, thanks to its introduction via and passage through the respiratory system, as opposed to through the digestion system (which is where it enters the bloodstream when digested).

How fast does CBD work – and how long does its effect last?

Like it or not; consumption of CBD is all about a rapid but, frankly, short-lasting effect. While it may well remain in the body for as much as three to five days, research suggests it’s only effective as a symptom- and/ or pain-reliver for between three and four hours at a time. However, the upside here, as noted, is really all about the rapidity – and this can be enhanced by the way in which it’s administered.

When it comes to inhalation (i.e. vaping), CBD effectively takes the form of cannabidiol oil (which, basically, is a combination of CBD extract and a carrier oil); it’s this that’s usually to be found in a CBD leaf e liquid. And, if you really want to get down to it, the consistency of the carrier oil – how many fat molecules it contains in ratio to its level of CBD – determines how fast-acting it will be; the rate at which the body will be able to process the CBD and how long it’ll take for its effect to take hold.

Fundamentally, though, there’s little one can do to increase the duration of CBD’s effect on the body – at least not by switching one brand of CBD e liquid for another. Other factors are more important here; specifically, you’d do better considering:

  • the frequency at which you vape CBD
  • the potency of the CBD e-juice (a high-potency hemp-oil dose tends to be around 15 mg/d)
  • your own body – CBD will inevitably be processed faster in some bodies than others; and vice versa.

Other ways to consume CBD

As you’re no doubt aware, there are other ways to consume CBD; yet, as mentioned, few are as effective (i.e. as rapid) in delivering its symptom-relieving effects. First up, of course, is getting your CBD fix via smoking. Forever associated with recreational drug use – however, this is via the consumption of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive form of CBD, which results in experiencing a ‘high’ – this form of CBD consumption inevitably comes with a health risk, as it also requires consuming toxin-rich tar, similar to that experienced with tobacco cigarettes.

Yet, today, that’s far from all. Because there a many different ways for one to get their CBD – from edible gummie sweets to bottled water (and more), you name it; CBD can now find its way into the body. Indeed, even Coca-Cola has expressed interest in entering into the fray; are we that far away from a world in which exists a CBD-infused Coke drink? Who knows.

One thing is for sure, though; should you like the idea of going the edible route – sounds a fun way to get your CBD, right? – the time it takes to feel the effect (in contrast to vaping) is not favourable. Indeed, even on an empty stomach, you’re liable to have to wait 20 minutes to feel any effect from a CBD-featuring foodstuff, which is a long time to wait for much-needed pain relief. Moreover, the taste can be strong, earthy and off-putting and absorption of the CBD itself can be complicated if your stomach isn’t empty because it can be affected by consuming the nutrients of other foods.

All in all then, you might well conclude that, when it comes to getting the CBD you need, vaping’s very much the way to go.

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