Fair Play For The Vaper: Finally, A Pro-Vaping Life Insurance Policy?

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If you’ve been a smoker in the past – and, frankly, if you’re a seasoned vaper today with your own signature e liquid, there’s a decent chance you once were; perhaps recently at that – then you may well be aware that taking out life insurance when hooked on tobacco-packed cigarettes isn’t a cheap business. Yes, compared to individuals whom the insurance industry doesn’t rate as, let’s say, risky investments, having your life insured as a regular smoker can be costly.

And, to be fair, most people would probably conclude (even some smokers themselves) that due to all the well-founded health risks associated with smoking, that’s fair game. But is it so fair that vapers should be lumped in with smokers as just as much a risk when it comes to life insurance?

Few vapers would say it is, surely (and even some non-vapers, who are well aware of the differences between vaping and smoking and how the former’s considered by experts to be greatly healthier than the latter, wouldn’t either). And yet, the insurance industry has taken a dim view in this area… until now, that is.

On the side of vapers

Because, finally, one insurer at least is no longer posing a question to those applying for life insurance that goes something like: “In the last 12 months have you used cigarettes or any nicotine replacement products (such as e-cigarettes, gum, patches or sprays)?”.

By not asking this sort of question, this insurer’s no longer classing smokers and vapers as, effectively, one entity and trapping a vaper into having to accept they’ll need to pay the same premium smokers would, even if that vaper hasn’t so much as looked at a cigarette in years and years, being a died-in-the-wool e-cig user who makes the most of every e liquid sale UK they come across.

Like it or not, though, this particular insurance company can’t be found through the usual price comparison websites – at least, not yet. How to find them is by visiting and contacting Future Proof, a company that’s committed to providing high-quality, expert advice on the likes of income protection insurance, critical illness insurance and, yes, life insurance.

Call and get a quote

So, by contacting Future Proof about a favourable life insurance policy, you’ll find that, first of all, their advice is offered with no obligation; meaning you won’t be charged for their initial advice and certainly not for them outlining what they might make available to you.

Second, although they won’t be classing you along with the likes of smokers in terms of the life insurance policy they should be able to offer you, they will, nonetheless, need to ask you a few questions about both your lifestyle and health.

These questions, while not meaning to trap you at all, will require straight and honest answers; if you’re not up front about your circumstances, medical history and, indeed, your available budget, then you may well invalidate your policy or simply not be able to take it out from the beginning.

Third – and maybe most appealing of all(!) – Future Proof claims that a call with them for this advice should take no more than 10 minutes, so you shouldn’t be hanging around on the phone all day. You can contact them on (freephone) 0800 644 4468 (Monday to Friday; 9am-5pm).

Discounted vaper rates

And just to give you an idea, as of May 2018, for a 40-year-old vaper, Future Proof were able to quote a £200,000 life insurance policy, covering a 25-year-term, for a monthly premium of £18.77 (full term: £5,631); while offering a smoker of the same age (for the exact same policy) a monthly premium of £38.09 (full term: £11,427). In total then, that’s a saving of £5,796 for the vaper. To say these facts speak for themselves is surely an understatement… and then some.

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