Everything You Need To Know About Mixing Your Own E Lqiuids By Weight

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Sometimes the premixed flavours just don’t hit the spot. Here’s all you need to know about mixing your own vape juices by weight.

Finding the perfect vape juice for your tastes can be easier said than done. With so many out there it’s often hard to find the perfect flavours. Those who are having no luck finding the perfect taste, may want to mix pre-existing flavours to create their own vape juices, bringing a whole world of experimentation and DIY vaping fun to anyone adventurous enough to try it.

What is mixing flavours by weight?

Mixing your e liquid flavours by weight means that instead of working with the volume of e liquid when mixing, you convert it into grams to find a more consistent measuring point. This is the usual method of mixing e liquids and is used the world over.

Why mix your flavours by weight?

Mixing e liquids is not as complex as you might think. If you have the methodology and calculations at a regular interval, flavours are easy to mix and will reap great results. So what benefits can you gain from mixing your vape flavours by weight?


Vape juice is made of several ingredients. Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water and flavourings. All these ingredients have a different weight to them. For instance, vegetable glycerine is far thicker than propylene glycol, and so from a volume perspective they’re far from equal. If you’re looking for an equal and far more precise mix of vape flavours, then converting your e liquid UK volume measurements to weight will make your balances far more precise.

Bigger batches

If you’re trying to mix your vape juices in larger batches or on an industrial scale, then weight might be better than volume in regards to precision. The bigger the batch, the more chance of the perfect flavour balance you’ll have if you measure by weight.

Avoiding cross contamination

Measuring by weight means that you don’t have to take the e liquid out of the bottle, potentially contaminating it with the surfaces of other bottles. Simply by configuring your scales to use the bottle of e liquid as it’s default 0 g weight, you’ll be able to find a clean and hassle-free alternative to finding a second receptacle for your vape juice.

What you’ll need

If you’re planning on mixing your own vape liquids, you’ll need to make sure you have a few tools which will make everything that little bit easier. These are crucial to ensuring that your vape juice mixing goes well and you get the best mix you can out of it. Without these tools mixing your vape juice could be very hard indeed.

A bottle with a dripper / syringe / pipette

Drippers, syringes and pipettes can all be used to to administer the mixes of vape juice to the post-mix bottle. These bottles often come in 50 ml sizes, and whilst many may come with heir own syringe or pipette built into the top, others may have to be bought separately. Ensuring that your vape syringe works properly is key to being successful in your vape juice mixing.


These are a must for converting vape volume to weight. Make sure that your scales are technologically advanced enough for you to customise the default settings. This is important, as you’ll be placing a bottle onto the scales from the beginning, and so the scales will need to be adjusted to ensure the weight of the bottle is its 0 g starting point.

A post mix bottle

Once you have mixed all your ingredients, you’ll have to have a bottle for the finished product. Make sure that the size of the bottle you are buying correlates with the amount of vape juice you will be making.

How to mix your vape juice by weight

First off, ensure that you have a vape juice weight calculator with you. Each component volume measurement (millilitres) will have an ml to gram converter. You’ll need this handy when you administer the necessary amounts of vape juice to your mixture.

Set the scales to include the bottle you’ll be adding to. The one by one, add the necessary amounts of your Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings. Make sure that when you do, you have converted the volume into weight using the calculator, which you can find online.

Keep in mind that when you add each vape ingredient from your recipe, that you have pressed the TARE button on your scales. This will reset the device back to 0 g after you’ve added each ingredient, which will ensure that you are adding the correct amounts.

Once you take away the minor complexities of converting your units of measurement and gathering the equipment you need, mixing your own vape juices by weight is very easy indeed!

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