E Cig Starter Kits To Watch Out For This Year

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E cig starter kits are some of the most important pieces of kit for those looking to transition from smoking to vaping. Whether you’re looking for a cigalike device or something more sophisticated, knowing where to start is key to enjoying your vaping experience. With starter packs, you’re given everything you need to get going, much like any other technology. With added bonuses such as spare parts and even vape juices thrown in for good measure, starter packs are some of the bestselling kit in shop and in online UK vape stores.Washington Vapes is no different, and below you can find some of our best starter kits, fit for all from the beginner to the veteran vaper looking for something simpler.

SMOK Q Box starter Kit

This compact and discreet vape device is the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to up their vape game. With its incredible flavour and 50-watt max of power, this vape device is one of the most efficient devices out there. With its super-fast charge up time, you’ll find that the SMOK Q will be ready to go in less than two hours, whilst the stainless-steel frame will ensure that your device is durable enough to go anywhere with you. Kitted out with the Baby Beast TFV8 Tank, the SMOK Q can hold up to 2 ml of even the strongest sub ohm vape juice.

Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

The Smok vape pen 22 is a discreet vape pen which is perfect for any beginner. Vape pens are lightweight, manageable and easy to use, and the Smok 22 is no different. These devices also come with a great range of colours to choose from, bringing with them a discreet yet efficient way to vape. On top fo this, the Vape Pen 22 can be dismantled and reassembled, allowing you to replace components such as coils and atomisers to your hearts content. With such a flexible device, vapers both old and new will eb able to find their sweet spots in no time at all.

UWELL Ironfist 200W and Crown III Tank

This double combo super dream team is a match made in heaven. The UWELL Ironfist is a zinc alloy and leather-built gem of a vape device. With efficient temperature control settings complimenting its stylish exterior, the Ironfist is a 200-watt multi-mode vape device for anyone looking to up their cloud chasing game. Both versatile and unique in look, this discreet device is made great by its use of the CROWN 3 top fill and atomiser threaded vape tank. Whatever your vaping style, whether it be TC, variable wattage or unregulated, you can vape safely and conveniently with the diverse UWELL Ironfist.

Vaporesoo orca Solo Starter Kit

The Vaporesso Orca is a sleek and stylish vape pen which brings all the simplicity of beginner’s device and pairs it with powerful and efficient vape clouds. Alongside its features, is an amazing colour range, meaning you can fill your vape clouds with oodles of personality.

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