Dealing With Vapers Tongue

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Vapers tongue is a common phenomenon which many vapers will experience at some point or another. Whilst the condition happens without warning, there are many reasons why you may experience it. The condition will often creep up on you and before you know it, a lack of taste will have crept up on you. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been at it for years, there’s no escaping the experience at some point.

So, what is vapers tongue? The name itself can be misleading; most cases don’t come from the tongue at all but rather the nose or the hardware itself. The symptoms usually include a sudden lack of taste in the e liquid and is not usually a result of losing feeling in the tongue.


Below is a list of the common causes for vapers tongue. Fear not, the symptoms shouldn’t last forever, and if they do it is often symptomatic of problems which surpass that of vapers tongue as a condition. Damage to the tongue could be caused by the nerve ending cells on the tongue being affected by a whole range of substances including tobacco smoke, alcohol and even spicy foods. There will of course be wear and tear over time which will affect not just your vaping experience but your taste in general.


It is common knowledge that vaping can cause you to become thirsty. This is down to vaping itself expelling more saliva than you usually would and the sweet flavourings and nicotine entering your system via osmosis, replacing the liquid in your body. Dehydration can also cause a dry mouth and headaches and will affect your taste. Remember to drink liquids whilst vaping!

Using the same flavour too often

This one is less down to bodily reactions and more a psychological effect. The more you taste one flavour, the less you’ll appreciate it. This can go for vapers tongue. Switch it up and try another flavour to see if this brings some of the taste back.


Vapers tongue is often not down to the taste but the smell, the interplay between the two saliva inducing senses meaning that one will influence the other. If you have the flu, sinuses or a blocked nose you may taste the vape e liquid less.

Old Liquid

Old liquid can lose its potency. This can be due to it being past it’s sell by date or simply down to shoddy vape e liquid! Check the ingredients and the PG/VG ratio and reviews to see if you’re suffering from vapers tongue or just a vapid vape liquid.

Worn-Out Hardware

It could be time to get a new e -cig. At least try changing the coil to see if that has been worn down. It could also be that your battery is low or simply that your tank is empty. These will have a substantial effect on the taste.

Cures for vapers tongue

Due to the amount of causes for vapers tongue, the cures can vary dependent on what ails them. Often, it is a simple case of keeping hydrated, cleansing your taste pallet or changing your e liquid. Whatever the root is, it is often the logical solution which will bring about the demise of vapers tongue. At the end of the day, it’s to only a matter of time before vapers tongue diminishes. Whatever the problem or the root, time will eventually get rid of the dreaded condition.

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