Cloud Chasing – The New Trend And How To Find It

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Cloud chasing has finally blown over the UK. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the new craze.

Cloud chasing has nothing to do with the sky, in fact it’s rather more down to earth. With this new trend comes an initial wave of worry as to the exclusivity of the trend, in which vapers use their vaping prowess to blow the biggest and coolest vape clouds you’ll ever see. Like with many of the other daily actions and tasks, such as eating, driving and cooking, humans have a unique capacity to turn almost anything into a competition. The same goes with vaping, cloud chasing being a major example. Alongside DIY vape device competitions, cloud chasing has become a new phenomenon and a real crowd-pleasing show. So, what exactly goes down in competitive cloud chasing, and how exactly can you get involved?

Cloud chasing – lifting the smokescreen

Whether you want to be a cloud chaser or a cloud gazer, competitions have started across the country with winners gaining promotion and prizes for their skills. It’s simple really, there are different categories for different types of trick and vaper, all the contestants judged on their skills by a panel of pro vaping judges. Many vape enthusiasts attend these events, finding it a good place to find like minded individuals, find new vape devices and vape e liquidswhilst learning tips and tricks to get the most out of your devices.

Is it safe?

Cloud chasing is mostly something undertaken by seasoned veterans. Those involved have often been vaping for a long time and have learnt how to get the most out of their devices. What’s more, vaping competitions often don’t use vape liquid containing nicotine due to the sheer amount of vapour being inhaled. You must have a strong pair of lungs on you, only exercised by a real history of vape practice. Vape devices and vape juices are often tailored to create the thickest clouds possible, lowering the resistance of a device and upping the PG content of the vape liquid. This lowering of resistance means that devices, unless calibrated correctly are much more likely to have a power outage. On top of this, a larger ratio of PG against VG is used in vape juices for cloud chasing, to make the clouds thicker, but to the detriment of the taste. The dulled tastes may mean that those how look for a fuller taste over a fuller cloud may be disappointed with the experience of cloud chasing.

How to get involved

There are many forums online where you can find out about the latest vaping competitions as well as asking at your local vape shop about upcoming events. Some may be ticketed and some may be free to attend but whatever you choose, it’s probably a good idea to attend as a spectator before you partake in any of the events.

What you’ll need

There are vape devices which have been specifically designed to create large smoke clouds and finding the devices which are right for you is key to getting the perfect cloud. Many cloud chasers will also look for coils which they will assemble to have a resistance of less than 1 ohm.

Tricks to watch out for

When attending a vape competition, you might come across some great tricks which could blow you away. These include the snap inhale, in which the vaper releases a ball of vapour from their mouth and then sucks it back in. The French inhale sees the vaper draw out their vapour through their mouth and breathe it back in through their nose, creating a circular flow of thick vape. There are many more vape tricks you can look out for at vape competitions including vape rings and the famous “waterfall”.

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