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E Liquid Sale

At Washington Vapes, we like to give all budgets a chance to enjoy premium e liquids. On top of this, we like to give vape juices running low on stock a chance to sell their unique wares. After all, vape juices are always changing, and finding the ones which could fall out of production and showcasing them to the world, is just as important as promoting the best new brands.

Vaping is such a fast-moving industry that you could blink and miss your favourite vape flavour. That’s why Washington Vapes always have an online e liquid clearance, making sure that you are always up to date with not only the juices hitting shops in near future, but the ones that are leaving very soon.

Of course, there may be a range of other reasons that vape liquids go into clearance. Here are just a few of them.

Changing TPD laws

The Tobacco Products Directive are the laws which vaping falls under. These laws were created to tighten control over tobacco products, creating an incentive to stop smoking. Counter-intuitively, smoking cessation tools such as vapes have fallen under these laws due to their use of nicotine, and so back in 2016, there were further restrictions placed upon vaping products. As the TPD laws continue to change, some vape devices and juices may become invalid in the face of the new laws. This means that some of these products must be sold through clearance or risk going to waste when the laws change.

Old stock, great tastes

Vape companies constantly come out with new vape products. That’s why some of their older flavours might turn up in Washington Vape E juice sales, ensuring that these golden oldies don’t go to waste or fall into the realms of the forgotten. They may be a part of the old generation but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something unique to offer.