Cleaning Your Vape Device

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It’ll come to the point in any vapers life where they’ll have to get right down to it. Cleaning a vape mod tank or device can feel like a real chore, especially if you don’t know where to start. With any vape device, this can feel especially so when it comes down to the laborious task of taking out all the parts and cleaning them individually. The fact is that this doesn’t have to take a long time; there are plenty of nifty tricks you can pick up when cleaning your device. First off though, you need to know when a vape tank needs to be cleaned.

Signs that your vape tank needs cleaning

It may be that you’re switching vape flavours or that you’re not getting as much taste from a vape juice due to it being clogged, but there is a plethora of reasons to clean your device. It can fill up with gunk or that you are getting a burnt taste when vaping. This is usually due to the vape device’s coil being used up. When you start to taste a burnt kick to your device the coil’s wire has been heated to the point of being beyond use. When the vape taste burns, the old coils had its turn.

Standard vape rinse

The easiest and most used method of vape cleaning is an all-round rinse. First off, take your device apart and get rid of any extra vape liquid, either by siphoning it into a container or simply vaping it out! Then you can go about removing all the parts of the device, including the O-Coils which is where you can get lots of the old flavour trapped. Take a bow or a cup of water and heat it in a microwave or a hob for around two minutes. To save time whilst this is heating, rinse your various vape device parts under a tap and then, after the water has cooled down, let the parts of your device soak in the water bowl or cup. After this, gently dry your device with a paper towel or cloth and simply reassembly your device.

PG/VG deep soak

In a similar method to the water method, you can soak your vape device in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, on the condition that it is unflavoured. Although this will mean investing in the solvent, it’ll mean you have a deeper clean of your vape parts. The steps are the same as rinsing with water, except that you don’t have to heat up the liquid in the bowl. The rinse will be deeper due to propylene glycol being much thicker than water and so will be more thorough in its rinse.

Ethanol and vinegar

Another deep clean here; simply place your rinsed vape parts in a bowl of ethanol or vinegar. The high acidity will clean your tank of any grime, loosening dirt within your device. These cleaning agents can be found at home or in most well stocked shops. There’s no need to invest in industrial grade solvents, you can simply DIY the ingredients for a perfectly thorough vape device wash.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are a real investment and mostly reserved for antique jewellery cleaning due to its rigorous cleaning of fragile metals. Due to its care and precision you can also use these to clean the parts of your device which you need to handle carefully.


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